My personal dotfiles 💠️

DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
Updated the list of math symbols and added fish completions for the getpass commandPablo3+119-0
Fixed the configuration of the TERM variablePablo2+1-1
Properly configured the TERM variablePablo1+1-0
Cleaned up the Zathura configPablo1+1-7
Updated the licensing information in the Alacritty configPablo1+1-1
Added an extra line in the NeoMutt mailcap config to properly handle HTML filesPablo1+4-3
Changed the Alacritty config to allow for window tiling in BisoPablo1+5-5
Added a custom mailcap to the NeoMutt configPablo3+13-0
Changed "three" for "3" in the list of math symbolsPablo1+78-70
Added aliases to the Chez Scheme REPL (petite)Pablo1+2-0
Updated the Alacritty configPablo1+2-6
Small improvments to the album-dl scriptPablo1+6-14
Made it so that the album-dl script scraps musicbraiz for the MBIDPablo1+36-4
Added the Elan/mathlib binaries to the repoPablo7+248-0
Fixed errors catched by ShellCheck in the scriptsPablo4+6-8
Added the Elan path to PATHPablo1+1-0
Update the config scriptPablo1+4-0
Updated album-dlPablo3+348-23
Moved .Xresources to an XDG compatible directoryPablo2+1-1
Added .Xresources to the repoPablo2+11-0
Rewrote mp3-dlPablo1+34-43
Added the \implies and \iff macros to the list of math symbolsPablo1+2-0
Added the --no-video flag to the PodBoat player configPablo1+1-1
Wrapped Idris with rlwrap in aliases.shPablo1+1-0
Added the NewBoat/PodBoat config to the repoPablo2+38-0
Updated the configuration managerPablo1+85-83
Minor changes in init.vimPablo1+1-1
Updated the list of dotfilesPablo1+1-1
Added SQLITE_HISTORY to the exportsPablo1+3-0
Added a macro to render Markdown messages to HTML in muttrcPablo1+5-1
Added math-symbols to the config repoPablo2+2980-0
Merge branch 'master' of
Updated the backup scriptPablo6+87-31
Replace XeTeX with LuaTeX in latexmkrcPablo2+1-4
Updated the config scriptPablo1+32-24
Changed the Ranger FM config so that files are actually deleted with D and dd instead of moving them to the trashPablo3+5-16
Moved the line that hides my user-agent in NeoMutt to the individual accountsPablo2+4-7
Added my scambaiting account to the NeoMutt configsPablo2+4-1
Added the GNUPG auxiliar biniries to PATHPablo1+2-0
Converted most of my fish functions into shell scriptsPablo12+120-133
Added $COWPATH to the list of dotfilesPablo2+9-6
Updated the config scriptPablo1+15-9
Added some lines in init.vim so that Vim highlights align* and TikZ environments as equationsPablo2+3-2
Added .bashrc and .profile to the repoPablo4+114-99
Initialized the repositoryPablo39+2853-0