My personal dotfiles 💠️

DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
Replace XeTeX with LuaTeX in latexmkrcPablo2+1-4
Updated the config scriptPablo1+32-24
Changed the Ranger FM config so that files are actually deleted with D and dd instead of moving them to the trashPablo3+5-16
Moved the line that hides my user-agent in NeoMutt to the individual accountsPablo2+4-7
Added my scambaiting account to the NeoMutt configsPablo2+4-1
Added the GNUPG auxiliar biniries to PATHPablo1+2-0
Converted most of my fish functions into shell scriptsPablo12+120-133
Added $COWPATH to the list of dotfilesPablo2+9-6
Updated the config scriptPablo1+15-9
Added some lines in init.vim so that Vim highlights align* and TikZ environments as equationsPablo2+3-2
Added .bashrc and .profile to the repoPablo4+114-99
Initialized the repositoryPablo39+2853-0