Haskell bindings for the SoftPosit C library 🧮 (WIP)

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Added a title to the READMEPablo1+2-0
Minor tweaks in the READMEPablo2+2-1
Removed badge from the READMEPablo1+0-2
Included git submodule linked to the official SoftPosit repo.Pablo Escobar Gaviria2+8-0
Removed the SoftPosit library from the repo.Pablo Escobar Gaviria152+0-41485
Added the SoftPosit library to the repository so that it can be distributed with the bidings.Pablo Escobar Gaviria155+41491-5
Fixed the linking errors by include the C source files in the Cabal configuration.Pablo Escobar Gaviria4+184-18
Added support for 8 bit posits.Pablo Escobar Gaviria3+50-2
Added support for 16 bit posits.Pablo Escobar Gaviria1+51-6
Added licensing information to `README.md`.Pablo Escobar Gaviria2+9-2
Modularized the C library wrapper, making it easier to create similar wrappers for different sizes of posits.Pablo Escobar Gaviria7+122-80
Changed the Cabal package name from 'posits' to 'posit'.Pablo Escobar Gaviria4+51-87
Updated licensing information.Pablo Escobar Gaviria1+674-30
Updated `README.md`.Pablo Escobar Gaviria2+4-1
Updated Cabal building information.Pablo Escobar Gaviria8+30-13
Initial commit.Pablo Escobar Gaviria12+268-0