A simple SVG markup editor for the web

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Added some information on my goals to the README

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 # SVG Editor
-A simple, visual SVG markup editor for the web
+A simple, visual SVG markup editor for the web. This editor solves a very
+specific problem:
+* I can edit the source code of SVG files in a text editor
+* I can view the changes I made in an editor like Inkscape
+* I cannot do them both at the same time
+This editor alows users the edit the source code of the image and preview the
+results instantly.
 ## Running This on Your Server
 Despite the looks, this is a completely static application. In other words, to
 run this on you server just dump the files somewhere.
-## Building the Website
+### Build Dependencies
-This is an [Elm]( application, so compiling it is simple
-enought. [uglifyjs]( is used to minify
-the JS.
+* [Elm](
+* [uglifyjs](
-To build the website simply run
+### Building the Website
 $ make build
-### Dependencies
-* [Elm](
-* [uglifyjs](