The setup for tikz.escobar.life


The setup for https://tikz.pablopie.xyz.


Haml is used to generate the HTML for the page. The tikztosvg command is used to convert TikZ diagrams to SVG. The epstopdf and pdf2svg commands are used to convert EPS files to SVG. ImageMagick (in particular, the convert command) and ExifTool are used to compress and strip raster graphics of their EXIF data -- this used only for the thumbnails in the webpage, the actual images are stored uncompressed.

The mini_exiftool gem is only used the get descriptions of the images in the HTML page. It is entirely optional, but removing it will require you to edit main.haml. SVGO is only used to optimize the SVG renders of the pictures, so feel free to remove it form the Makefile if you feel like so -- you will need to modify the Makefile though.