A simple configuration manager

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Updated the date on the manpagePablo1+1-1
Added a note on usage to the READMEPablo1+4-0
Modified the update command to fit git's syntaxPablo2+39-29
Fixed a minor coloring bug in the scriptPablo1+5-4
Added some comments in MakefilePablo1+3-0
Updated the documentationPablo1+1-1
Added functionality to color the output of the 'status' commandPablo1+15-9
Minor upgrade to the install scriptPablo1+2-2
Added a title to the READMEPablo1+2-0
Refactored the READMEPablo1+2-4
Added a MakefilePablo1+5-0
Added licensing informationPablo1+674-0
Added a READMEPablo1+16-0
Added the -- commandPablo2+23-0
Initial commitPablo2+258-0