Custum build of stapix for tikz.pablopie.xyz


Custum build of stapix for https://tikz.pablopie.xyz.



$ tikz_gallery_generator config.yml

The configuration file config.yml should consist of a list of struct entries describing the contents of each picture, such as in the following example:

- path: examples/images/grothendieck-riemann-roch.tex
  license: PD
  author: Alexander Grothendieck
  alt: A hand-drawn commutative diagram surrounded by fire and devils carrying forks
  caption: The infamous commutative diagram from Gothendieck's 1971 manuscript

- path: examples/images/caleb-yau.png
  license: CC-BY-SA-2.5
  author: Lunch
  alt: A convoluted self-intersecting surface in pastel shades of pink and blue
  caption: A visual representation of the Calabi-Yau manifold

Each entry in the list should contain the following fields:

For best accessibility, the alt field should contain a concise visual description of the picture in question (including subjects, colors and scenery) to be displayed by screen readers, while the caption field should contain additional information on the picture (such as the location or date when it was taken) to be displayed for all users. The alt and caption attributes should not be the same! See https://www.htmhell.dev/adventcalendar/2022/22/ for further details.


tikz_gallery_generator can be installed via Cargo by cloning this directory, as in:

$ git clone git://git.pablopie.xyz/tikz-gallery-generator
$ cargo install --path ./tikz-gallery-generator

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