My personal build of CMark ✏️

DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
Minor changes to the rendering enginePablo1+1-1
Updated the READMEPablo1+1-2
Changed the code to emmit code compatible with my CSS sheetsPablo1+6-6
Speed up hierarchy check in tree manipulation APINick Wellnhofer1+11-10
Fix quadratic behavior when parsing inlinesNick Wellnhofer1+24-4
Replace invalid characters in XML outputNick Wellnhofer2+68-6
Fix issue with type-7 HTML blocks interrupting paragraphs.John MacFarlane2+21-0
Avoid quadratic output growth with reference linksNick Wellnhofer4+34-1
docs: fix simple typo, chacters -> charactersTim Gates1+1-1
Fixed installation on other than Ubuntu GNU/Linux distributions.Vitaly Zaitsev2+11-12
Increase timeout for pathological tests to avoid CI failureJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Generate and install cmake-config fileReinhold Gschweicher3+38-17
Update the Racket wrapper with the safe -> unsafe flag changeEli Barzilay1+11-9
Update .travis.ymlsrinivas321+3-0
Increase timeout for pathological tests.John MacFarlane1+1-1
define whitespace per specAsherah Connor1+1-1
Add MAX_INDENT for xml.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Treat textarea like script, style, pre (type 1 HTML block)...John MacFarlane3+3668-3556
Update spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+229-195
Fix handling of empty strings when creating XML/HTML output.Steffen Kieß2+14-12
Re-add `--safe` command-line option as a no-op.John MacFarlane2+11-4
Adjust the MinGW paths for MinGW64.Daniil Baturin1+5-5
Don't call memcpy with NULL as 1st parameter.John MacFarlane1+3-2
Add more NOLINTNEXTLINE directives.John MacFarlane1+5-0
Add NOLINTNEXTLINE to avoid a useless linter error.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Add needed include in blocks.cJohn MacFarlane1+1-0
Comment out unused function cmark_strbuf_cstr in buffer.hJohn MacFarlane1+3-1
CI: Run linter.John MacFarlane1+9-6
Add lint target to MakefileJohn MacFarlane1+3-1
Fix unnecessary variable assignment.John MacFarlane1+0-1
New lint target using clang-tidy.John MacFarlane1+4-3
CI: Another attempt to add clang-tidy.John MacFarlane1+8-1
Remove appveyor build.John MacFarlane1+0-21
CI: change shared to cmark_opts in matrix, add linter.John MacFarlane1+22-12
CI: test with different shared library configs.John MacFarlane1+27-1
CI: try setting CPP in matrix.John MacFarlane1+8-5
Fix syntax for matrix.John MacFarlane1+6-5
Linux CI: use both gcc and clang.John MacFarlane1+6-0
Add .gitattributes to ensure that line endings are normalized.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Windows CI: ensure UTF-8.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Revert " ignore line endings on diff."John MacFarlane1+3-3 ignore line endings on diff.John MacFarlane1+3-3
Revert " don't keep line endings (for windows CI)."John MacFarlane1+2-2 don't keep line endings (for windows CI).John MacFarlane1+2-2
Add CI badge.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Windows CI: try installing msvc tools.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Revert "Revert "CI: avoid using nmake.bat.""John MacFarlane1+1-2
Windows CI: specify cmd shell.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Revert "CI: avoid using nmake.bat."John MacFarlane1+1-1
CI: avoid using nmake.bat.John MacFarlane1+1-1
CI: install valgrind for linux.John MacFarlane1+3-1
Fix CI.John MacFarlane1+1-3
Diagnostic for CI.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Revert "Setup python."John MacFarlane1+0-12
Setup python.John MacFarlane1+12-0
Add GitHub actions CI.John MacFarlane1+42-0
Update to Unicode 13.0data-man2+360-4
Add uninstall target to Makefile.John MacFarlane1+3-0
Adding CIFuzzLeo Neat1+23-0
Skip UTF-8 BOM if present at beginning of buffer.John MacFarlane2+15-1
Add casts for MSVC10.John MacFarlane1+3-3
Fix #220 (hash collisions for references).John MacFarlane2+63-53
Add pathological test for reference collisions (see #220).John MacFarlane1+29-2
Update date on cmark.1.John MacFarlane1+2-2
cmark.1 - Document --unsafe instead of --safe.John MacFarlane1+7-7
cmark.1: remove docs for `--normalize` which no longer exists.John MacFarlane1+0-3
Add cmark_get_default_mem_allocator().John MacFarlane4+19-2
Fix URL check in is_autolinkNick Wellnhofer1+1-1
Fix null pointer deref in is_autolinkNick Wellnhofer1+2-1
build: substitute the path into the generate filesSaleem Abdulrasool2+3-2
build: use absolute path for cmarkTargets.cmakeSaleem Abdulrasool1+1-1
Rearrange struct cmark_nodeNick Wellnhofer13+111-174
Improve packing of struct cmark_listNick Wellnhofer3+7-7
Use C string instead of chunk in rendererNick Wellnhofer2+11-9
Use C string instead of chunk for literal textNick Wellnhofer7+71-33
Use C string instead of chunk for custom block contentsNick Wellnhofer4+24-26
Use C string instead of chunk for link URL and titleNick Wellnhofer10+68-81
Use C string instead of chunk for code info and literalNick Wellnhofer5+30-24
Helper function to set C strings in nodesNick Wellnhofer1+20-0
Fix on WindowsNick Wellnhofer1+33-29
Remove useless __name__ check in test scriptsNick Wellnhofer4+48-52
Remove unused variableNick Wellnhofer1+1-2
Reintroduce version check for MSVC /TP flagNick Wellnhofer1+4-1
Fix CMake generator expression checking for MSVCNick Wellnhofer1+1-1
commonmark renderer: better escaping in smart mode.John MacFarlane1+5-0
Add options field to cmark_renderer.John MacFarlane2+3-1
Move C_VISIBILITY_PRESET back to src/CMakeLists.txt.John MacFarlane2+4-4
commonmark.c - use size_t instead of int.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Include string.h in cmark-fuzz.c.John MacFarlane1+1-0
fix -Wconst-qual warningSaleem Abdulrasool1+1-1
build: add exports targets for build tree usageSaleem Abdulrasool2+11-0
build: use target properties for include pathsSaleem Abdulrasool2+8-4
build: chmod -x CMakeLists.txt (NFC)Saleem Abdulrasool1+0-0
build: reduce property computation in CMakeSaleem Abdulrasool1+7-18
build: use `CMAKE_INCLUDE_CURRENT_DIRECTORY`Saleem Abdulrasool2+2-2
build: improve man page installationSaleem Abdulrasool2+9-8
build: only include GNUInstallDirs onceSaleem Abdulrasool3+1-5
build: replace `add_compile_definitions` (#321)Saleem Abdulrasool1+2-2
build: cleanup CMake (#319)Saleem Abdulrasool3+40-55
Commonmark renderer: always use fences for code (#317).John MacFarlane1+17-37
Ensure that consecutive indented code blocks aren't merged...John MacFarlane1+9-0
Improve rendering of commonmark code spans with spaces.John MacFarlane1+9-1 use html.escape instead of cgi.escape.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Cleaner approach to max digits for numeric entities.John MacFarlane2+6-7
Fix entity parser (and api test) to respect length limit on numeric entities.John MacFarlane2+9-4
Code reformatJohn MacFarlane1+21-21
Don't allow link destinations with unbalanced unescaped parentheses.John MacFarlane1+4-3
Updaet spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+3432-3422
Create FUNDING.ymlJohn MacFarlane1+1-0
print_usage(): Minor grammar fix, swap two words (#305)Øyvind A. Holm1+1-1
Clarify which backtick strings (#301)Johel Ernesto Guerrero Peña1+1-1
Remove "-rdynamic" flag for static builds (#300)Eric Pruitt1+7-0
Merge pull request #294 from JerwuQu/cmark-issue-291-jerwuquJohn MacFarlane1+4-0
Merge pull request #295 from nwellnhof/link-exe-with-libJohn MacFarlane1+9-7
Revise changelogJohn MacFarlane1+46-49
Updaet changelog.John MacFarlane1+127-0
For afl target, don't build tests.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Update spec.John MacFarlane1+3-1
Bump version to 0.29.0.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Update spec.John MacFarlane1+19-5
Update spec.John MacFarlane1+11-0
Update spec.John MacFarlane1+19-0
Resolve link references before creating setext header.John MacFarlane1+32-13
commonmark renderer: improve escaping.John MacFarlane1+9-4
render: only emit actual newline when escape mode is LITERAL.John MacFarlane1+16-14
Update spec.John MacFarlane1+83-7
Update code span normalization...John MacFarlane1+8-2
Update spec.John MacFarlane1+14-3
Allow empty `<>` link destination in reference link.John MacFarlane1+7-4
Update specJohn MacFarlane1+11-0
Remove leftover includes of memory.h.John MacFarlane7+0-7
Merge pull request #269 from foonathan/masterJohn MacFarlane2+5-23
Fix #289.John MacFarlane1+1-4
Update spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+8-7
Update regression tests in light of recent spec changes...John MacFarlane1+12-3
Add regression test for #517.John MacFarlane1+16-0
Update test/spec.txtJohn MacFarlane1+17-15
Update spec; allow internal delimiter runs to match if...John MacFarlane2+30-7
Include references.h in parser.hJohn MacFarlane1+1-0
Update spec. Fix `[link](<foo\>)`.John MacFarlane2+12-0
Define CMARK_OPT_SAFE for API compatibility.John MacFarlane2+21-1
Make rendering safe by default.John MacFarlane8+32-29
Merge pull request #254 from github/empty-inputJohn MacFarlane2+18-14
Avoid gcc warning for uninitialized variable.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Use hand-rolled scanner for thematic break.John MacFarlane5+735-914
Do cheaper test first.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Rename ends_with_blank_line with S_ prefix.John MacFarlane1+3-3
Add CMARK_NODE__LAST_LINE_CHECKED flag.John MacFarlane2+18-13
In ends_with_blank_line, call S_set_last_line_blank...John MacFarlane1+2-0
Add pathological test for #285.John MacFarlane1+3-0
Add regression test for commonmark#526.John MacFarlane1+8-0
Disallow unescaped ( in parenthesized link title.John MacFarlane2+1340-543
Update test/spec.txtJohn MacFarlane1+7-7
Merge pull request #277 from elibarzilay/masterJohn MacFarlane1+29-11
Merge pull request #278 from github/upstream-pledgeJohn MacFarlane1+22-0
Merge pull request #275 from github/inline-sourcepos-offJohn MacFarlane2+52-3
render.c: reset last_breakable after cr.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Merge pull request #272 from felixonmars/patch-2John MacFarlane1+1-1
commonmark writer: use ~~~ fences if info string contains backtick.John MacFarlane1+4-2
Update scanners for new info string rules.John MacFarlane2+2-2
Update spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+14-2
Merge pull request #257 from pclouds/xml-space-preserveJohn MacFarlane2+29-25
Merge pull request #267 from nwellnhof/xml2mdJohn MacFarlane1+319-0
Update spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Check for whitespace before reference title.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Update spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+19-5
Merge pull request #265 from compnerd/upstream-windows-cross-compileJohn MacFarlane1+4-2
Fix appveyor links.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Simplify code normalization, in line with spec change.John MacFarlane1+5-10
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+12-14
Code span spec changes.John MacFarlane2+44-4
Update spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+80-45 - omit noisy success output.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #259 from github/link-parsing-corner-casesJohn MacFarlane1+15-0
Fix spaces on regression test.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Removed meta from list of block tags.John MacFarlane3+2918-3227 make tests run faster.John MacFarlane1+8-8 added test for deeply nested lists.John MacFarlane1+3-0
Optimize S_find_first_nonspace.John MacFarlane1+19-14
Allow spaces in link destination delimited with pointy brackets.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Update spec.John MacFarlane1+34-18
Adjust max length of decimal/numeric entities.John MacFarlane2+191-248
Fix inline raw HTML parsing.John MacFarlane2+6622-10845
Don't allow list markers to be indented >= 4 spaces.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Update spec.txt from repository.John MacFarlane1+56-13
README - use commonmark/cmark for appveyor badge.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Merge pull request #250 from nwellnhof/test-static-only-buildJohn MacFarlane4+15-6
Updated travis badges and issue tracker jgm -> commonmark.John MacFarlane1+4-4
Merge pull request #249 from nwellnhof/static-only-buildJohn MacFarlane1+5-0
Fixed exit code for pathological tests.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Add allowed failures to MacFarlane1+29-10
Add timeout to MacFarlane1+13-1
Refactored pathological_tests.pyJohn MacFarlane1+14-10
Merge pull request #230 from mity/more-pathological-testsJohn MacFarlane1+10-1
Merge pull request #217 from github/upstream/limit-nested-parensJohn MacFarlane1+2-0
Merge pull request #228 from github/upstream/inline-sourceposJohn MacFarlane5+218-53
Updated changelog.John MacFarlane1+5-0
BUmp to 0.28.3John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #240 from nwellnhof/add-cmake-includeJohn MacFarlane1+2-0
Bump to 0.28.2, update changelog.John MacFarlane2+6-1
Fixed regression in install dest for static library.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Bump to 0.28.1, update changelog.John MacFarlane2+15-2
Don't use CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR to create libcmark.pc.John MacFarlane2+7-5
Merge pull request #232 from github/upstream/refparseJohn MacFarlane3+33-30
--smart: open quote can never occur right after `]` or `)`.John MacFarlane2+11-1
Merge pull request #224 from pclouds/make-format-source-codeJohn MacFarlane3+20-17
Merge pull request #222 from PavloKapyshin/masterJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Update spec.John MacFarlane1+63-13
Update changelog.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Merge branch 'master' of MacFarlane1+1-0
Update changelog.John MacFarlane1+124-0
Bump version to 0.28.0.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Update spec.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Merge pull request #219 from github/upstream/left-angle-linkJohn MacFarlane1+52-38
Reverted mistaken fix to #193.John MacFarlane3+36-26
Merge pull request #213 from github/upstream/undefined-shiftJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #212 from github/upstream/memcpy-nonnullJohn MacFarlane1+2-1
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+27-16
DeMorgan simplification of some tests in emphasis parser.John MacFarlane1+6-6
Fixed undefined shift in commonmark writer.John MacFarlane1+6-3
latex writer: fix memory overflow.John MacFarlane1+19-9
Makefile: add libFuzzer to phonyJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #209 from philipturnbull/libFuzzerJohn MacFarlane57+114-97
Merge pull request #207 from github/upstream/oob-readJohn MacFarlane1+2-0
Merge pull request #205 from github/dont-scan-past-eolJohn MacFarlane2+294-181
Merge pull request #195 from github/revert-194-upstream/remove-normalizeJohn MacFarlane2+16-0
Document cases where get_ functions return NULL.John MacFarlane2+21-11
Properly handle backslashes in link destinations.John MacFarlane2+11-1
Fixed bug with unescaped left angle bracket in link destination.John MacFarlane3+10736-7205
Fixed cmark_node_get_list_start to return 0 for bullet lists...John MacFarlane3+4-4
Use CMARK_NO_DELIM for bullet lists. Closes #201.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #198 from PavloKapyshin/masterJohn MacFarlane1+6-5
README: Add link to cmark-scala (#196)Tim Nieradzik1+3-2
Remove normalize as an option per #190 (#194)Yuki Izumi5+3-24
Fixed code for freeing delimiter stack.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Removed abort outside of conditional (typo).John MacFarlane1+0-1
Removed coercion in error message when aborting from buffer.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Print message to stderr when we abort due to memory demands.John MacFarlane2+12-3
libcmark.pc: use CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR (#185)Jens Petersen1+1-1
Fixed buffer overflow error in S_parser_feed.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Update emphasis parsing for spec change.John MacFarlane1+1-6
Update spec.John MacFarlane1+4-4
Fixes for the LaTeX renderer (#182)Doeme1+3-2
Merge pull request #179 from winterheart/cmakeJohn MacFarlane3+80-70
Automatic code reformatting.John MacFarlane1+48-48
Added a test for NULL when freeing subj->last_delim.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Cleaned up setting of lower bounds for openers.John MacFarlane1+26-19
Fixes #178, quadratic parsing bug.John MacFarlane1+12-12
Added pathological test for #178 (quadratic).John MacFarlane1+3-0
Slight improvement of clarity of logic in emph matching.John MacFarlane1+10-9
Added regression test for #177.John MacFarlane1+8-0
Revert "More sourcepos! (#169)"John MacFarlane12+96-2125
Revert " remove unused (and faulty) libc instantiation (#175)"John MacFarlane1+7-0
Revert "Update cmark.3 man page."John MacFarlane1+5-72
Revert "Change types for source map offsets (#174)"John MacFarlane13+44-187
Fix "multiple of 3" determination in emph/strong parsing.John MacFarlane1+3-4
Update cmark.3 man page.John MacFarlane1+72-5
Change types for source map offsets (#174)Nick Wellnhofer13+187-44 remove unused (and faulty) libc instantiation (#175)Mathieu Duponchelle1+0-7
More sourcepos! (#169)Mathieu Duponchelle12+2125-96
Correctly initialize chunk in S_process_line (#170)Nick Wellnhofer2+3-0
Added 'make newbench'.John MacFarlane27+458-1
scanners.c generated with re2c 0.16 (68K smaller!).John MacFarlane1+7167-10688 - fixed warnings; use * for fallback.John MacFarlane2+7997-9215
Makefile: use warnings with re2c.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Fixed some warnings in MacFarlane1+2-2
Update CaseFolding to latest (#168)Kevin Wojniak4+3327-1054
Allow balanced nested parens in link destinations (#166)Yuki Izumi5+1630-3701
Allocate enough bytes for backticks array.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Added pathological test for backticks.John MacFarlane1+4-1
Inlines: Ensure that the delimiter stack is freed in subject.John MacFarlane1+4-1
Fixed pathological cases with backtick code spans:John MacFarlane1+42-14
Remove redundant cmake_minimum_required.John MacFarlane1+0-1
Bump version to 0.27.1, update changelog.John MacFarlane2+9-1
Use VERSION_GREATER to clean up cmake version test.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Put set_policy under cmake version test.John MacFarlane1+3-1
Improve afl target. Use afl-clang by default. Set default for path.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Set policy for CMP0063 to avoid a warning.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Update changelog.John MacFarlane1+29-0
Bump to 0.27.0.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Update man 3 page.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Update spec.John MacFarlane1+7-7
Fix warnings building with MSVC on Windows (#165)Hugh Bellamy1+1-1
Fix CMAKE_C_VISIBILITY_PRESET for cmake versions greater than 1.8 (e.g. 3.6.2) (#162)Hugh Bellamy1+1-1
Fix for non-matching entities (#161)Yuki Izumi5+75-3
Modified print_delimiters (commented out) so it compiles again.John MacFarlane1+2-3
Ran 'make format' to reformat code.John MacFarlane3+9-8
'make format': don't change order of includes.John MacFarlane1+3-2
Changed logic for null/eol checks.John MacFarlane1+14-9
Merge pull request #160 from kivikakk/kivikakk/fix-nul-lf-sequenceJohn MacFarlane2+10-2
Merge pull request #158 from kivikakk/one-more-memJohn MacFarlane1+2-1
Merge pull request #157 from kivikakk/list-parse-mem-leakJohn MacFarlane1+3-3
Merge pull request #156 from kivikakk/use-mem-to-freeJohn MacFarlane3+6-6
Allow a shortcut link before a (.John MacFarlane1+5-2
Update spec.John MacFarlane1+27-1
Update spec.John MacFarlane1+20-0
Allow tabs after setext header line.John MacFarlane3+57-29
Regenerated cmark.3 man page.John MacFarlane1+6-6
Regenerated scanners.c.John MacFarlane1+238-358
Don't let URI schemes start with spaces.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #153 from gaborcsardi/patch-1John MacFarlane1+1-1
Fixed h2..h6 HTML blocks (jgm/CommonMark#430).John MacFarlane3+52-34
Update specJohn MacFarlane1+27-26
Merge pull request #152 from nwellnhof/function-prototypesJohn MacFarlane1+2-2
Merge pull request #151 from petere/update-copyingJohn MacFarlane1+2-24
Merge pull request #149 from PavloKapyshin/masterJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Update changelog.John MacFarlane1+7-0
Bump to 0.26.1.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #146 from t6/t6-patch-1John MacFarlane1+9-9
Removed size_t and ssize_t defs for WIN32.John MacFarlane1+0-8
Updated changelog.John MacFarlane1+104-0
Bump version to 0.26.0John MacFarlane1+2-2
Reformatted.John MacFarlane1+9-11
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+10-9
Merge pull request #137 from foonathan/masterJohn MacFarlane2+11-0
Fix sourcepos for blockquotes.John MacFarlane1+3-1
Merge pull request #143 from tst2005/patch-1John MacFarlane1+1-1
Replaced check for `\n` with `S_is_line_end_char`.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Empty list items cannot interrupt paragraphs (spec change).John MacFarlane1+24-0
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+23-9
Fix mistaken sourcepos for atx headers.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+21-108
Modified api_test for change in "two blanks break out of a list."John MacFarlane1+11-13
Removed "two blanks breaks out of a list" feature.John MacFarlane1+0-22
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+40-24
Don't allow ordered lists to interrupt paragraphs unless...John MacFarlane1+11-3
Makefile: have leakcheck stop on first error...John MacFarlane1+2-4
Merge pull request #140 from nwellnhof/set-cstr-fixJohn MacFarlane2+11-4
Fixed ATX headers and thematic breaks to allow tabs as well as spaces.John MacFarlane2+1054-1057
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+33-16
Reformatted.John MacFarlane11+83-70
Removed redundant check.John MacFarlane1+0-2
Updated spec and pathological tests for changes in strong/emph parsing.John MacFarlane2+39-36
Changed `process_emphasis` to get better results in corner cases.John MacFarlane1+17-3
Removed positon from delimiter struct.John MacFarlane1+0-2
Updated man page cmark.3.John MacFarlane1+26-26
Removed check for same mem allocator in S_can_contain.John MacFarlane2+2-4
Try to fix travis cmake.John MacFarlane1+1-13
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+12-0
Travis: install more recent cmake on linux.John MacFarlane1+14-0
Ported robinst's changes to link parsing.John MacFarlane1+67-34
Revert "Better parsing of shortcut references."John MacFarlane1+10-15
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+14-7
Better parsing of shortcut references.John MacFarlane1+15-10
cmark_reference_lookup: Return NULL if reference is null string.John MacFarlane1+1-1
msvc: Fix warnings and errorsVicent Marti7+72-71
cmark: Remove old includeVicent Marti1+0-1
mem: Rename the new APIsVicent Marti4+8-8
mem: Add a `realloc` pointer to the memory handlerVicent Marti5+19-20
Do not include `stdbool`Vicent Marti1+0-1
node: Memory dietVicent Marti2+4-5
buffer: rever to using a 32-bit bufsize_tVicent Marti2+2-2
node: Memory dietVicent Marti2+31-15
cmark: Implement support for custom allocatorsVicent Marti22+343-285
config: Add SSIZE_T compat for Win32Vicent Marti2+8-1
cmake: Global handler for OOM situationsVicent Marti14+122-191
test: Add tests for memory exhaustionVicent Marti2+50-0
buffer: proper safety checks for unbounded memoryVicent Marti7+71-89
Merge pull request #135 from nwellnhof/fix-python-ctypesJohn MacFarlane1+4-4
Merge pull request #134 from nwellnhof/ctype-fixesJohn MacFarlane4+13-9
commonmark renderer: fixed code block as first in list item.John MacFarlane1+9-4
roundtrip tests: remove spurious failures.John MacFarlane2+10-2
Added new MacFarlane4+42-6 added to_commonmark (for round-trip tests).John MacFarlane1+24-7 - parameterize do_test with converter.John MacFarlane1+4-4
Updated spec.txt (no new or changed test cases).John MacFarlane1+84-6 exit code is sum of failures and errors.John MacFarlane1+1-4
renderer: no_linebreaks instead of no_wrap.John MacFarlane3+8-6
Fixed round trip tests.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Coerce realurllen to int.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Merge pull request #130 from MathieuDuponchelle/fix_unused_variableJohn MacFarlane1+0-2
Merge pull request #132 from BenedictC/masterJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #128 from kevinburke/copyrightJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #126 from nwellnhof/mingw-testsJohn MacFarlane2+13-10
Better documentation of memory-freeing responsibilities.John MacFarlane2+21-10
Clarify that it's the caller's responsibility to free the buffer...John MacFarlane2+18-8
Reformatted.John MacFarlane5+127-134
Fixed whitespace.John MacFarlane1+11-11
Use library functions to insert nodes in emphasis/link processing.John MacFarlane1+29-45
Correctly handle list marker followed only by spaces.John MacFarlane1+3-1
Updated spec testJohn MacFarlane1+12-0
Fixed a number of issues relating to line wrapping.John MacFarlane7+69-34
Merge pull request #111 from PavloKapyshin/masterJohn MacFarlane3+11-0
Merge pull request #120 from nwellnhof/regression-testsJohn MacFarlane3+42-1
Merge pull request #118 from nwellnhof/win-eol-fix2John MacFarlane1+1-0
api_test: fix leakMathieu Duponchelle1+3-0
Updated changelog.John MacFarlane1+10-0
Version bump to 0.25.2.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Handle buffer split across a CRLF line ending (closes #117).John MacFarlane2+11-1
Added api_test for #117.John MacFarlane1+12-0
Merge pull request #115 from nwellnhof/tab-fixJohn MacFarlane1+1-0
Merge pull request #116 from nwellnhof/win-eol-fixJohn MacFarlane3+3-3
Updated changelog.John MacFarlane1+6-0
Fixed typo in changelog.txt.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated changelog.John MacFarlane1+56-0
Updated date in man1 page.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated man 3 page.John MacFarlane1+16-15
Updated version to 0.25.0.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Removed circle.yml.John MacFarlane1+0-3
Added circle.yml.John MacFarlane1+3-0
Regenerated cmark.3 man page.John MacFarlane1+17-18
Doc: clarify that cmark_node_free frees a node's children too.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Fixed documentation of --width in man page.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #109 from nwellnhof/msvc-c99John MacFarlane13+52-36
Merge pull request #108 from tinysun212/masterJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #107 from krytarowski/netbsd-support-1John MacFarlane2+7-5
Merge pull request #105 from chriseidhof/masterJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #104 from MathieuDuponchelle/more_refactoringJohn MacFarlane1+103-78
Removed unnecessary check for empty string_content.John MacFarlane1+3-3
Revert "Simplified condition for lazy line."John MacFarlane1+4-4
Factored out contains_inlines.John MacFarlane1+6-2
Simplified condition for lazy line.John MacFarlane1+4-4
Added code comments.John MacFarlane1+18-3
Added code comment.John MacFarlane1+3-0
Code cleanup: add function to test for space or tab.John MacFarlane1+10-13
Merge branch 'MathieuDuponchelle-refactor-S_processLine'John MacFarlane1+280-219
Fixed handling of tabs in lists.John MacFarlane1+19-9
Properly handle tabs with blockquotes and fenced blocks.John MacFarlane1+16-9
Clarify logic in S_advance_offset.John MacFarlane1+16-5
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+14-2
Fixed typo in re2c version number.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Generated scanners.c with more recent re2c.John MacFarlane1+2431-2620
Require re2c >= 1.14.2.John MacFarlane2+3-4
S_advance_offset: Only set partially_consumed_tab in columns mode.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+13-0
Updated spec test.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Simplified add_line (only need parser parameter).John MacFarlane1+12-9
Properly handle partially consumed tab.John MacFarlane1+17-6
Added partially_consumed_tab to parser.John MacFarlane2+6-2
Update test/spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+21-3
Fixed tabs in indentation.John MacFarlane2+12-10
Removed an unnecessary C99-ism in buffer.c.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Include starg.h when needed in config.h.John MacFarlane1+1-0
config.h: include stdio.h for _vscprintf etc.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Add include guards to config.hJohn MacFarlane1+13-0
Automatic code reformat.John MacFarlane4+101-108
Merge branch 'mbenelli-master'John MacFarlane5+33-23 - added compatibility snprintf, vsnprintf for MSVC.John MacFarlane1+35-0
Bump to 0.24.1, updated changelog.John MacFarlane2+23-1
commonmark: is_autolink - handle case where link has no children.John MacFarlane1+3-0
iterator: handle NULL root.John MacFarlane1+3-0
Improved escaping in commonmark renderer.John MacFarlane2+23-6
render: initialize begin_content to true.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Commonmark renderer: use HTML comment to separate list fromJohn MacFarlane1+5-3
Adjusted api test for last commonmark renderer change.John MacFarlane1+12-12
commonmark renderer: use 4-space indent for bullet lists.John MacFarlane1+5-6
Use 2 space + cr for line break in commonmark output.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Bump version to 0.24.0John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated changelog.txtJohn MacFarlane1+32-0
Updated spec.txtJohn MacFarlane1+2-2
cmark_node_replace - unlink, but don't free, oldnode.John MacFarlane3+111-117
Fixed edge case with escaped parens in link destination.John MacFarlane2+4273-3676
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+7-1
Removed unnecessary call to cmark_node_unlink in cmark_node_replace.John MacFarlane1+1-2
Regenerated cmark.3 man page.John MacFarlane1+206-108
cmark.h: moved typedefs for iterator into iterator section.John MacFarlane1+7-7
Fixed so it includes typedefs again.John MacFarlane1+3-1
Added cmark_node_replace(oldnode, newnode).John MacFarlane4+45-16
html renderer - removed unnecessary check for 'fenced'.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated format of test/smart_punct.txt.John MacFarlane1+30-30
Updated spec.txt and to new format.John MacFarlane2+1996-1380
Fixed get_containing_block logic in src/commonmark.c.John MacFarlane2+14-9
Added an api_test that segfaults.John MacFarlane1+10-0
Fixed string representations of CUSTOM_BLOCK, CUSTOM_INLINE.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Use default opts in python sample wrapper.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+27-8
Allow multiline setext header content, as per spec.John MacFarlane1+1-5
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+105-24
Don't allow spaces in link destinations, even with pointy brackets.John MacFarlane2+127-98
updated spec.txtJohn MacFarlane1+6-8
Updated `scheme` scanner according to spec change.John MacFarlane2+9290-15866
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+48-52
Allow NODE_ITEM inside NODE_CUSTOM_BLOCK.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Allow both block and inline nodes as children of CUSTOM_BLOCK.John MacFarlane1+3-1
Reorganized changelog.John MacFarlane1+42-42
Updated changelog.txt.John MacFarlane1+85-0
Defined aliases for old NODE_HTML and NODE_HTML_INLINEJohn MacFarlane1+2-0
Bump version to 0.23.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Don't allow space between link text and link labelJohn MacFarlane1+0-1
Updated spec.txt and MacFarlane2+212-150
Added xml renderer test to API tests.John MacFarlane1+43-0
Commonmark renderer: ensure that literal characters get escapedJohn MacFarlane1+5-1
api_test: updated commonmark renderer test.John MacFarlane1+3-3
render: added begin_content field.John MacFarlane2+9-1
Added to commonmark renderer test.John MacFarlane1+3-3
Added commonmark renderer test (currently failing).John MacFarlane1+38-0
Added simple latex renderer test to api tests.John MacFarlane1+48-0
Added a minimal man renderer test to api tests.John MacFarlane1+44-0
Reformat sources.John MacFarlane9+729-870
'make format' - reformat tests as well.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Replaced hard-coded 4 with TAB_STOP.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Another small optimization in _scan_at.John MacFarlane2+3-4
Small optimization in _scan_at.John MacFarlane1+1-2
Use input not parser->curline to determine last line length.John MacFarlane1+3-3
Removed out-of-date lua wrapper.John MacFarlane2+1-239
Make LIB_INSTALL_DIR configurable.John MacFarlane1+12-3
latex renderer - better handling of internal links.John MacFarlane1+36-23
Removed obsolete TIMER macro.John MacFarlane1+0-4
Added parens around expressions like 1 << 1.John MacFarlane2+13-13
Added version number to XML namespace.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Adjusted scanner for link url.John MacFarlane2+2159-2549
Regenerate scanners.c using re2c 0.15.3.John MacFarlane1+2502-2743
Separate parsing and rendering opts in cmark.h.John MacFarlane2+50-29
Rename hrule -> thematic_break.John MacFarlane13+25-23
Rename 'header' -> 'heading'.John MacFarlane14+107-95
xml renderer - Added xmlns attribute to document node.John MacFarlane1+3-0
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+50-8
Made roundtrip test part of the test suite run by cmake.John MacFarlane5+13-9
Commonmark renderer: ensure html blocks surrounded by blanks.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Added api_tests for custom nodes.John MacFarlane1+42-0
Fixed bug in html renderer for custom nodes.John MacFarlane1+14-8
Fixed S_can_contain to allow custom nodes to have children.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Updated API docs; getters return empty strings if not set.John MacFarlane2+22-16
Changed API for CUSTOM_BLOCK and CUSTOM_INLINE.John MacFarlane9+165-16
Removed bench.h and timing calls in main.cJohn MacFarlane3+0-37
Improved benchmark. Use longer test.John MacFarlane1+8-7
Added RAW_BLOCK and RAW_INLINE node types.John MacFarlane8+53-6
Removed need for sudo in make bench.John MacFarlane1+3-2
Removed outdated targets from Makefile.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Use fully qualified versions of constants.John MacFarlane7+115-105
Documented another strange hoedown behavior.John MacFarlane1+19-1
Merge pull request #95 from kainjow/masterJohn MacFarlane2+6-6
Install static library.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Added why-cmark-and-not-x page.John MacFarlane1+86-0
Merge pull request #94 from kainjow/patch-1John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #93 from Anderas/masterJohn MacFarlane1+6-6
Merge pull request #89 from Eljay/fix-exampleJohn MacFarlane2+3-3
Merge pull request #86 from kainjow/patch-1John MacFarlane1+1-1
Fixed DOCTYPE in xml output.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Makefile.nmake: be more robust when cmake is missing.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Revert "Temporary change to see what is in the build directory."John MacFarlane1+0-1
Temporary change to see what is in the build directory.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Set convert_charrefs=False in MacFarlane1+1-0
Merge pull request #84 from zmwangx/python3.5-compat-fixJohn MacFarlane1+10-1
Check for NULL pointer in _scan_at.John MacFarlane2+42-38
Updated specJohn MacFarlane1+2-2
Version bump to 0.22.0.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated changelog.John MacFarlane1+46-0
Added iframe to list of blocktags, as per spec change.John MacFarlane2+4200-4162
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+28-17
Merge pull request #77 from kainjow/masterJohn MacFarlane1+9-3
Don't include static in CMARK_INLINE.John MacFarlane3+18-16
Merge pull request #76 from kainjow/msvc-warningsJohn MacFarlane12+37-29
Merge pull request #75 from kainjow/masterJohn MacFarlane1+4-4
Fixed bug with HRULE after blank line.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Check for empty string before trying to look at line ending.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #74 from nwellnhof/pdb_clashJohn MacFarlane1+3-0
Make sure every line fed to S_process_line ends with `\n`.John MacFarlane1+5-4
Improved cmark_strbuf_normalize_whitespace.John MacFarlane1+6-11
Treat line ending with EOF as ending with newline.John MacFarlane2+13-0
Removed pre from blocktags scanner.John MacFarlane2+3604-3641
Use -10 priority with renice.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Fixed `--hardbreaks` with CRLF line breaks.John MacFarlane1+8-3
Added api_test case for #68.John MacFarlane1+7-0
cmark.3 man page - regenerated with smart.John MacFarlane1+6-5
Merge pull request #70 from kainjow/masterJohn MacFarlane7+30-30
Disallow list item starting with multiple blank lines.John MacFarlane1+4-1
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+15-0
Use clang-format, llvm style, for formatting.John MacFarlane35+33323-27175
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+2-10
Updated test/spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+19-3
Updated test/spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+56-28
Removed cmark_strbuf_printf and cmark_strbuf_vprintf.John MacFarlane4+0-64
xml renderer - use sprintf to avoid strbuf_sprintf.John MacFarlane1+17-12
html renderer - use sprintf to avoid strbuf_printf.John MacFarlane1+10-8
Avoided another use of strbuf_printf.John MacFarlane1+4-1
commonmark renderer - use regular sprintf for list markers.John MacFarlane1+8-9
Avoid using strbuf_printf when not needed.John MacFarlane1+5-4
Improved smart_punct.txt.John MacFarlane1+8-0
Allow tabs before closing ##s in ATX headerJohn MacFarlane1+3-2
Merge pull request #66 from omasanori/roundtripJohn MacFarlane1+4-0
Set POSITION_INDEPENDENT_CODE ON for static library.John MacFarlane1+2-1
make bench: allow overriding BENCHFILE.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Improved clang-check target.John MacFarlane1+3-2
Improved `make_autolink`.John MacFarlane1+41-61
Use full CMARK_NODE_x instead of NODE_x alias.John MacFarlane1+3-2
Added clang-check target.John MacFarlane1+6-2
Updated changelog.John MacFarlane1+144-0
Removed unused ref link defn from README.John MacFarlane1+0-1
Updated benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+4-4
Removed; it has been added to spec as appendix.John MacFarlane1+0-116
Bump version to 0.21.0.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+47-2
astyle reformatting.John MacFarlane6+71-70
Limit 'start' to 8 digits to avoid undefined behavior (overflows).John MacFarlane1+6-1
afl target: removed '-m none', added CMARK_OPTS.John MacFarlane1+1-2
Removed assertion that broke debug build.John MacFarlane1+0-2
Added `CMARK_OPT_SAFE` option and `--safe` command-line flag.John MacFarlane10+422-15
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+157-8
Second try on ppa for travis.John MacFarlane1+1-1
travis - Added ppa that has recent cmake and is whitelisted.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Modified .travis.yml to use new containerized build system.John MacFarlane1+13-7
commonmark renderer - escape !.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Fixed scanner for link url.John MacFarlane2+2189-1891
commonmark writer - escape all #'s, not just at beginning of line.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Fixed soft breaks in commonmark writer.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Small cleanups.John MacFarlane4+115-114
Use cmark_render_code_point in renderers.John MacFarlane2+40-57
Fixed type on cmark_render_code_point.John MacFarlane2+2-2
Added cmark_render_code_point.John MacFarlane3+24-19
latex renderer - simplified using cmark_render_ascii.John MacFarlane1+28-53
man renderer: Use ASCII not LIT in outc.John MacFarlane1+10-10
cmark.3 - fixed botched escaping.John MacFarlane1+193-195
man renderer: Fixed character escaping, use new cmark_render_ascii.John MacFarlane1+17-21
render: added cmark_render_ascii, to be used in char escapers.John MacFarlane2+12-0
Limit generated man page to 72 character line width.John MacFarlane2+77-64
Added width parameter to render_man.John MacFarlane4+311-339
Removed options field from renderer struct.John MacFarlane4+27-20
Removed enumlevel field of renderer.John MacFarlane3+17-9
latex: Removed need to access render->in_tight_list_item.John MacFarlane1+0-29
cmark_render: ensure final newline.John MacFarlane3+5-6
commonmark renderer - don't need to manually adjust need_cr.John MacFarlane1+0-1
Fixed some windows warnings.John MacFarlane1+6-6
Restructured common renderer code.John MacFarlane4+198-200
Rename cmark_render_state -> cmark_renderer.John MacFarlane4+294-294
render: Simplified code, avoiding some allocations.John MacFarlane1+16-35
Factored out common bits of rendering into separate render module.John MacFarlane5+445-478
Allow non-initial hyphens in html tag names.John MacFarlane2+27-20
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+17-1
Removed debug.h.John MacFarlane1+0-36
Removed dependence on debug.h.John MacFarlane3+4-4
Updated specJohn MacFarlane1+2-1
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+41-2
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Updates for new HTML block spec.John MacFarlane6+5937-3262
Implemented new treatment of dashes with `--smart`.John MacFarlane1+38-9
Updated test/smart_punct.txt.John MacFarlane1+74-10
Fixed small bug in test runner.John MacFarlane1+1-1 use stdout.out.buffer.write instead of print throughout.John MacFarlane1+15-12
Updated from jgm/CommonMark.John MacFarlane1+3-3
Fixed compiler warnings.John MacFarlane1+1-4
Use sprintf rather than snprintf because we know it won't overflow.John MacFarlane1+1-7
Another try at getting snprintf part to compile on Windows.John MacFarlane1+4-4
Fixed typo in Windows fix.John MacFarlane1+1-1
LaTeX writer: fixed some compile errors on MSVC.John MacFarlane1+14-8
LaTeX writer: Fixed straight single, double quote.John MacFarlane1+8-0
LaTeX renderer: \textbf for strong.John MacFarlane1+1-1
astyle formatting improvements.John MacFarlane2+19-18
Added LaTeX renderer.John MacFarlane8+635-8
commonmark writer: correctly handle email autolinks.John MacFarlane1+10-2
Use utf-8 aware re2c.John MacFarlane3+11637-8763
``: changed default to `spec.txt` (not `test/spec.txt`).John MacFarlane1+1-1
html renderer: properly split info on first space char.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Merge pull request #61 from txdv/version-functions-ffiJohn MacFarlane4+16-21
Added, informal explanation of emph/link parsing.John MacFarlane1+116-0
process_emphasis: Fixed setting lower bound to potential openers.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Rename potential_openers -> openers_bottom.John MacFarlane1+8-8
Rename start_delim -> stack_bottom.John MacFarlane1+9-9
Minor astyle reformatting.John MacFarlane1+8-8
Added case for #59 to MacFarlane1+3-0
Fixed emphasis/link parsing bug.John MacFarlane1+7-6
Fixed off-by-one error in line splitting routine.John MacFarlane1+1-2
Added assertion to peek_char to catch any stray NULLs.John MacFarlane1+3-0
README: added 'make afl' instructions.John MacFarlane1+10-5
Small changes to README and benchmark files.John MacFarlane2+12-8
Renamed entities.h -> MacFarlane7+2173-2200
Updated benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+5-5
Added `CMARK_OPT_VALIDATE_UTF8` option.John MacFarlane6+36-9
Small code simplification in inlines.c.John MacFarlane1+1-2
is_blank: recognize tab as a blank character.John MacFarlane1+3-0
skip_spaces: skip tabs too.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Don't rtrim in subject_from_buffer.John MacFarlane1+1-2
Removed utf8 validation tests.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Removed utf8 validation.John MacFarlane1+36-27
Updated spec for new tab behavior.John MacFarlane1+38-7
Renamed utf8proc_detab as utf8proc_check, removed detabbing function.John MacFarlane3+12-23
Preliminary changes for new tab handling.John MacFarlane2+71-23 allow → for tab in HTML examples.John MacFarlane1+1-1 don't collapse whitespace in pre contexts.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Simpler approach for entity lookup.John MacFarlane3+2152-2233 confirm there are no hash collisions.John MacFarlane1+11-3
Revert "Rebuild src/entities.h when the generating python program changes."John MacFarlane1+1-1
Rebuild src/entities.h when the generating python program changes.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Mark entity data structures as const.John MacFarlane2+4-4
entities: Make the first entity in the array (TripleDot) work.John MacFarlane3+1106-1106
astyle formatting changes.John MacFarlane5+17-17
Added explanatory note about entities.h in Makefile.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Replace gperf-based entity lookup with binary tree lookup.John MacFarlane7+2307-15523
Fixed cases likeJohn MacFarlane1+9-1
inlines.c: Added utility functions to skip spaces and line endings.John MacFarlane1+41-17
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+12-1
Fixed backslashes in link destinations that are not part of escapes.John MacFarlane2+1007-1007
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+20-0
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+6-2
Fixed entity lookup table.John MacFarlane3+953-953
Removed "add newline if line doesn't have one."John MacFarlane1+0-7
pathological_tests: removed timeout stuff.John MacFarlane1+11-23
Small logic fixes and a simplification in process_emphasis.John MacFarlane1+8-12
Updated MacFarlane1+1-2
Fixed `process_emphasis` to handle new pathological cases.John MacFarlane1+17-2
Added another case to pathological tests.John MacFarlane1+3-0
Added timetouts to pathological tests.John MacFarlane1+29-15
More code simplification.John MacFarlane1+3-3
Code simplification.John MacFarlane1+4-4
Added more pathological tests.John MacFarlane1+9-0
Added pathological test case for jgm/commonmark#43.John MacFarlane1+3-0
process_inlines: remove closers from delim stack when possible.John MacFarlane1+11-0
Revert "Merge pull request #58 from nwellnhof/optimize_utf8proc_detab"John MacFarlane1+37-34
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+5-0
Merge pull request #58 from nwellnhof/optimize_utf8proc_detabJohn MacFarlane1+34-37
Merge pull request #57 from nwellnhof/optimize_utf8proc_detabJohn MacFarlane1+40-22
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+84-25
Updated changelog.John MacFarlane1+20-3
Merge pull request #56 from nwellnhof/bufsize_tJohn MacFarlane23+344-321
Added benchmark for hoedown.John MacFarlane2+5-12
Merge pull request #55 from nwellnhof/strbuf_error_handlingJohn MacFarlane2+32-97
Updated changelog.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Merge pull request #54 from bryant/ensure-size-typoJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated changelog.John MacFarlane1+33-0
Updated version to 0.20.0.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Rename `is_line_end_char` to `S_is_line_end_char`.John MacFarlane1+8-8
Factored out `S_find_first_nonspace` in `S_proces_line`.John MacFarlane2+92-90
astyle formatting changes.John MacFarlane6+24-25
Allow new list item container indented > 4 spaces.John MacFarlane1+15-11
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+20-0
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Don't allow link labels with no non-whitespace characters.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+25-0
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+12-10
Added test for different line endings to api_test.John MacFarlane1+15-0
Cleaned up with is_line_end_char function.John MacFarlane1+21-37
Revert "Hacks to to test CRLF support."John MacFarlane1+7-11
Revised "add newline to end if missing" for performance.John MacFarlane1+18-5
Merge branch 'master' of into btrask-masterJohn MacFarlane5+337-175
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+3-0
Added note on 64-bit timings in MacFarlane1+7-0
Fixed bug in list item parsing when items indented >= 4 spaces.John MacFarlane1+12-11
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+7-3
Fixed `is_autolink`.John MacFarlane1+8-4
Merge pull request #49 from jeroenooms/masterJohn MacFarlane1+3-1
Merge pull request #45 from nwellnhof/windows_snprintfJohn MacFarlane3+14-2
Removed -pg from Debug build flags.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Revert "Ubsan: add -fsanitize=undefined to link flags too."John MacFarlane1+0-1
Ubsan: add -fsanitize=undefined to link flags too.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Added Ubsan build target, to check for undefined behavior.John MacFarlane3+13-2
Merge pull request #42 from jeroenooms/masterJohn MacFarlane1+2-1
Merge pull request #38 from nwellnhof/chunks_for_linksJohn MacFarlane9+79-72
Added link to CommonMarker, ruby wrapper, in docs.John MacFarlane1+1-0
cmark_consolidate_text_nodes: Avoid an unnecessary string allocation.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Merge pull request #37 from nwellnhof/numeric_entitiesJohn MacFarlane2+61-13
Updated benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+3-3
cmark_consolidate_text_nodes: avoid some unnecessary allocation.John MacFarlane1+3-2
README: add links to go, perl, haskell wrapper libraries.John MacFarlane1+4-0
Added note to wrapper.rkt, requires racket 5.3+.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Revised luajit wrapper.John MacFarlane1+182-144
wrapper.rb: added argument for options.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Removed, made work with python 2/3.John MacFarlane2+18-29
Added build status badges to MacFarlane1+5-0
Merge pull request #36 from elibarzilay/racket-wrapperJohn MacFarlane1+188-0
Better solution for memory leak in `cmark_consolidate_text_nodes`.John MacFarlane1+2-4
Straightforward fix for memory leak #32.John MacFarlane1+4-1
Improved 'make leakcheck'.John MacFarlane1+7-2
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+4-4
Updated changelog.txt.John MacFarlane1+19-0
Updated spec.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Bump version to 0.19.0.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Fixed _ emphasis parsing to conform to spec.John MacFarlane1+4-2
Updated spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+90-46
Merge pull request #29 from nwellnhof/static_library_flagsJohn MacFarlane1+3-0
Appveyor - use 64-bit python.John MacFarlane1+3-3
Use os.path.join in test/ MacFarlane1+5-5
Makefile.nmake fixes.John MacFarlane1+6-7
Fixed spec location in Makefile.nmake.John MacFarlane1+1-15
appveyor - use nmake for build and test.John MacFarlane1+2-8
Appveyor - don't cd in test_script.John MacFarlane1+1-1
appveyor - removed pushd/popdJohn MacFarlane1+2-3
appveyor - add python to pathJohn MacFarlane1+1-0
Revert "CMakeLists.txt: quote variable to avoid warning."John MacFarlane1+1-1
Really fixed cmake warning.John MacFarlane1+1-1
CMakeLists.txt: quote variable to avoid warning.John MacFarlane1+1-1
appveyor.yml - set up for using nmake.John MacFarlane1+4-0
Fixed typo in build script for appveyorJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Fixed appveyor build_scriptJohn MacFarlane1+3-5
Fixed tabs in appveyor.ymlJohn MacFarlane1+3-3
Tried build_script in appveyor.ymlJohn MacFarlane1+10-6
Added build_script to appveyorJohn MacFarlane1+3-0
Trying configuration in appveyor.ymlJohn MacFarlane1+2-2
Made environment a mapping in appveyor.yamlJohn MacFarlane1+3-3
Fixed yaml error in appveyor.ymlJohn MacFarlane1+2-2
Added appveyor.ymlJohn MacFarlane1+12-0
astyle reformatting.John MacFarlane2+48-47
Added to afl_dictionary.John MacFarlane4+6-0
make afl: use afl_dictionary, raise timeout for hangs.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Added test/afl_dictionary.John MacFarlane45+90-0
Merge pull request #28 from nwellnhof/accept_unicode_noncharsJohn MacFarlane1+2-3
Added "Standardized" bullet to README.John MacFarlane1+5-0
Improved README.John MacFarlane1+35-16
Check return status of utf8proc_iterate. Closes #27.John MacFarlane2+6-0
Added afl to .PHONY in Makefile.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Bump version to 0.18.3.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated changelog.John MacFarlane1+10-0
Merge pull request #25 from nwellnhof/include_patchlevel_in_sonameJohn MacFarlane1+2-2
Merge pull request #24 from yangcha/masterJohn MacFarlane1+1-0
Use strbuf_printf instead of snprintf.John MacFarlane1+9-11
Fixed memory issue.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Merge pull request #22 from yangcha/masterJohn MacFarlane1+4-0
Modified copyright message with --version.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated man page.John MacFarlane1+15-18
Updated changelog.John MacFarlane1+34-0
Updated version to 0.18.2John MacFarlane1+1-1
Travis: only do roundtrip test on linux.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Fixed MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge branch 'master' of MacFarlane1+5-5
Updated cmark path in MacFarlane1+1-1
commonmark renderer - render links as autolinks when appropriate.John MacFarlane1+70-21
Scanners: added _scan_scheme, scan_scheme.John MacFarlane3+9671-6759
Added roundtrip_test Makefile target.John MacFarlane2+4-0
Fixed bug in cmark_strbuf_unescape (buffer.c).John MacFarlane1+1-1
Don't wrap inline HTML.John MacFarlane1+1-1
commonmark renderer - improved tight list detection.John MacFarlane1+21-5
commonmark writer - more tight list fixes.John MacFarlane1+11-5
commonmark - don't use indented code if first thing in list item.John MacFarlane1+6-3
commonmark renderer - don't escape in fenced code blocks.John MacFarlane1+1-1
commonmark - properly escape literal backticks.John MacFarlane1+1-1
commonmark renderer - honor softbreak if width == 0.John MacFarlane1+5-1
commonmark renderer - fixed memory access error.John MacFarlane1+1-1
commonmark - improved tight list rendering.John MacFarlane1+8-11
commonmark - use * for bullet list to avoid clash with setext header.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Fixes one-off error in previous commit.John MacFarlane1+1-1
commonmark - use space after delim if code is empty.John MacFarlane1+1-1
commonmark - use fenced code blocks if code starts/ends with blank.John MacFarlane1+9-3
commonmark renderer: special case EMPH(EMPH(x)).John MacFarlane1+11-2
commonmark renderer - better inline code.John MacFarlane1+32-5
commonmark renderer - fixed calculation of number of backticks in code.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Removed obsolete TODO comment.John MacFarlane1+0-2
commonmark renderer - two blank lines after list before code/list.John MacFarlane1+13-0
commonmark renderer - escaping improvements.John MacFarlane1+35-22
commonmark rendere: more fine-grained control over escaping.John MacFarlane1+39-25
commonmark renderer: better escaping of `#`.John MacFarlane1+1-0
More TODOs in commonmark renderer.John MacFarlane1+4-0
Added TODO comment to commonmark renderer.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Removed an unnecessary check.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #21 from nwellnhof/update_buggy_re2c_versionsJohn MacFarlane1+3-3
Added shell script for round-trip spec test.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Fixed HTML blocks.John MacFarlane1+1-1
commonmark renderer: handle tight/loose list distinction.John MacFarlane1+12-3
commonmark renderer: proper numbering for ordered lists.John MacFarlane1+29-10
Merge pull request #20 from nwellnhof/re2c_warningJohn MacFarlane1+7-0
Added TODO on tight lists.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Made CommonMark renderer sensitive to CMARK_OPT_HARDBREAKS.John MacFarlane1+8-4
Initialize width.John MacFarlane1+1-1
CommonMark renderer: Added 'width' parameter.John MacFarlane5+32-9
CommonMark renderer: use right number of backticks in quoting code.John MacFarlane1+47-6
CommonMark writer: support title on link, image.John MacFarlane1+13-2
CommonMark renderer: improved code blocks.John MacFarlane1+18-8
CommonMark renderer: don't wrap headers.John MacFarlane1+7-2
Commonmark renderer: improved escaping.John MacFarlane1+10-6
Update README on output formats.John MacFarlane1+4-3
Updated output formats in man page.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Added commonmark renderer.John MacFarlane5+356-2
test/ set default options for markdown_to_html.John MacFarlane1+1-1
leakcheck with all formatsJohn MacFarlane1+3-3
Removed obsolete reference to CMARK_NODE_LINK_LABEL.John MacFarlane1+0-1
Added options parameter to cmark_markdown_to_html.John MacFarlane5+16-12
Merge pull request #13 from nwellnhof/documentation-fixJohn MacFarlane1+3-2
Check for CMAKE_C_COMPILER (not CC_COMPILER) when setting C flags.John MacFarlane2+2-2
Updated changelog.John MacFarlane1+5-0
Version to 0.18.1.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Use libcmark.a for static library on *nix.John MacFarlane1+10-3
cmark.h: Add argument to cmark_parser_new.John MacFarlane2+3-3
Build static version of library in default build.John MacFarlane1+5-0
astyle changes.John MacFarlane2+5-5
Updated version to 0.18.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated changelog.John MacFarlane1+36-0
Updated spec in test.John MacFarlane1+17-15
Merge pull request #10 from nwellnhof/aflJohn MacFarlane2+47-0
Cleaned up some comments.John MacFarlane1+9-9
Fixed use-after-free error.John MacFarlane1+5-2
Added 'Asan' build type.John MacFarlane3+82-1
Fixed use-after-free bug.John MacFarlane1+8-9
Repacked delimiter struct to avoid hole.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Packed cmark_node struct to fit into 128 bytes.John MacFarlane1+9-6
Moved a test outside a loop.John MacFarlane1+6-4
Added more --smart test cases.John MacFarlane1+20-0
Made 'options' an int rather than a long.John MacFarlane10+30-30
Use ascii escapes for punctuation characters for portability.John MacFarlane1+18-9
Don't require python3 to make cmark.3 man page.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Move normalization step from main to cmark_parser_finish.John MacFarlane2+6-6
Properly handle " with no matching close quote with --smart.John MacFarlane2+16-1
Fixed man escaping for unicode characters.John MacFarlane1+3-3
Proper escaping of smart punctuation in man writer.John MacFarlane1+46-14
Removed unneeded include.John MacFarlane1+0-1
Removed outdated statement in man page.John MacFarlane1+0-1
Moved handling of --smart from renderer to parser.John MacFarlane7+113-247
Added options parameter to cmark_parse_document, cmark_parse_file.John MacFarlane9+51-27
Moved normalization step from XML renderer to main.John MacFarlane2+6-4
Fixed segfault with --normalize (closes #7).John MacFarlane1+1-1
Man page updates.John MacFarlane1+10-6
Implemented --smart for man output.John MacFarlane2+13-6
Further improvements and small optimizations in smart punctuation code.John MacFarlane1+38-37
Optimized --smart.John MacFarlane1+36-9
Added smart.c, smart.h with function abstracting smart punct rendering.John MacFarlane5+182-112
astyle changes (code formatting only).John MacFarlane4+43-41
Updated man page for --smart.John MacFarlane1+7-0
Improved smart quote recognition.John MacFarlane1+32-2
Added test for --smart option.John MacFarlane2+65-0
Added CMARK_OPT_SMARTPUNCT and --smart option.John MacFarlane4+106-3
Updated scanners for new whitespace definition.John MacFarlane2+25-24
Updated test/spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+56-4
Use for dingus address.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #5 from nwellnhof/zap_strnlenJohn MacFarlane2+5-2
Updated spec.txt from CommonMark repo.John MacFarlane1+86-0
Fixed autolink scanner to conform to the spec.John MacFarlane2+5729-5748
Update cmark.3 man page.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Added Profile build type, 'make prof' target.John MacFarlane3+10-1
Adjust benchmarks for commonmark.js.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Fixed license in MacFarlane1+1-1
Fixed link to spec.John MacFarlane1+1-0
COPYING - added license for test/spec.txt and python code in test/.John MacFarlane1+75-1
Use 2-clause BSD license.John MacFarlane1+0-5
Removed JavaScript specific licenses in COPYING.John MacFarlane1+0-50
Improved README with note on wrappers.John MacFarlane1+12-7
Added reference to benchmarks in README.John MacFarlane1+5-0
Removed non-C related parts of MacFarlane1+31-185
Makefile: Removed spec- and website- related parts.John MacFarlane1+0-23
Makefile: Added update-spec target.John MacFarlane1+5-1
Moved spec.txt to test/ directory.John MacFarlane4+5-5
Removed spec-specific files (DTD, spec generation tools).John MacFarlane7+0-876
Renamed changelog.c.txt -> changelog.txt.John MacFarlane2+0-99
Added note on documentation in man pages.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Updated changelog.c.txt.John MacFarlane1+32-0
Updated version in CMakeLists.txt.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Bump spec version to 0.17, updated changelog for spec.John MacFarlane2+17-2
Removed obsolete PACKAGEDIR in Makefile.John MacFarlane1+1-2
Removed JS specific stuff from .editorconfig.John MacFarlane1+0-5
Removed some old targets from .PHONY.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Makefile: Removed JS related stuff.John MacFarlane1+3-32
Makefile: replaced PROG with CMARK and PROG.John MacFarlane1+7-6
Merge pull request #297 from nwellnhof/makefile_fixesJohn MacFarlane2+20-13
Removed JS implementation, which is moving to its own repo:John MacFarlane25+5-5402
Removed unused variable.John MacFarlane1+0-1
Tweaked uglifyjs options.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Added target for minified js/dist/commonmark.min.js.John MacFarlane1+4-0
Put generated commonmark.js in js/dist/ rather than js/.John MacFarlane2+6-6
Added spec with link break inside pointy braces (no link).John MacFarlane1+8-0
Set version in CMakeLists to 0.16.0.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #296 from nwellnhof/version_infoJohn MacFarlane8+96-24
Fixed Xcode install example.John MacFarlane1+1-3
Avoid free(0) for link titles and URLs.John MacFarlane1+6-2
Removed unnecessary strbuf_free's.John MacFarlane3+0-3
Avoid trying to free string_contents for inlines.John MacFarlane1+70-68
Adjust lastLineLength before returning.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Renamed first_nonspace -> next_nonspace.John MacFarlane1+39-39
Added currentLine property to Parser.John MacFarlane1+17-13
Moved continuation checks & finalizers into blocks property.John MacFarlane1+183-141
Removed unnecessary check.John MacFarlane1+0-4
Revert "Reverted addition of offset property to DocParser."John MacFarlane1+44-44
Propagate lastLineBlank up through parents.John MacFarlane1+4-3
Removed unnecessary check.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Adjust lastLineLength before returning after close fence.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Merge pull request #293 from robinst/use-void-returnJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #292 from robinst/top-property-accessJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #291 from robinst/addChild-call-argumentsJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #290 from robinst/remove-unused-assignment-lastLineBlankJohn MacFarlane1+0-1
Merge pull request #289 from nwellnhof/user_dataJohn MacFarlane5+63-1
Fixed escaping error in CDATA regex.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Man writer: ensure we properly escape multiline strings.John MacFarlane1+4-2
Bigger TODO comment in js/ MacFarlane1+69-3
html.js - explicitly specify second parameter of escapeXml.John MacFarlane1+3-3
Readjust parser->current after closing fenced block.John MacFarlane1+2-5
Changed rule for `_` emphasis and strong emphasis.John MacFarlane3+46-24
Renamed DocParser -> Parser.John MacFarlane7+13-13
Fixed typo.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Added new fine-grained JS benchmarks.John MacFarlane3+79-11
Reverted addition of offset property to DocParser.John MacFarlane1+44-44
Moved place where we increment line number.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Removed a check in addLine.John MacFarlane1+0-3
eslint: turned off no-constant-condition warning.John MacFarlane1+1-0
addLine: use this.offset; removed offset parameter.John MacFarlane1+8-7
Added offset property to DocParser.John MacFarlane1+38-37
Removed some unneeded tests (code clarity).John MacFarlane1+1-5
Small code clarification.John MacFarlane1+4-6
Put check for fence close with the other checks for end-of-block.John MacFarlane3+388-401
Moved check for closing fence to close-block-check section.John MacFarlane1+12-27
Minor code simplification.John MacFarlane1+1-2
Updated benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+4-4
Performance optimization - avoid repeating scan for nonspace.John MacFarlane1+7-14
Slightly adjusted performance optimization in new block starts.John MacFarlane1+7-4
Fixed linter errors.John MacFarlane1+7-7
Minor code cleanup.John MacFarlane1+1-4
Fixed #285 in cmark.John MacFarlane1+19-8
Added spec example: loose list with blank line after fenced code.John MacFarlane1+19-0
Defer closing of fenced code blocks.John MacFarlane1+13-6
Removed unnecessary setting of default tight=true in finalize.John MacFarlane1+1-3
Check for blank line before checking indent in Item.John MacFarlane1+3-3
bin/commonmark: don't use the now-removed toObject for --ast.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Nonrecursive rewrite of ends_with_blank_line.John MacFarlane1+11-7
Renamed parameters cmark_node -> node.John MacFarlane1+7-7
Rename bullet_char -> bulletChar.John MacFarlane1+3-3 refer to js/ for details on JS implementation.John MacFarlane2+21-27
Improved js MacFarlane1+32-4
Provide getters and setters for public properties of Node.John MacFarlane6+282-208
Fixed template path in tools/ MacFarlane1+1-1
Fixed (interact) link in template.html.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Re-added tools/{, template.html, template.tex}.John MacFarlane4+504-0
Rename sourcepos -> _sourcepos, added sourcepos() accessor.John MacFarlane4+10-6
Removed Node.toObject().John MacFarlane1+0-44
Renamed .t to ._type to mark it as "hidden."John MacFarlane1+4-4
Removed setType(), replaced getType() with type().John MacFarlane5+28-27
eslint fix.John MacFarlane1+3-3
eslint fixes.John MacFarlane1+2-2
normalize-reference.js: disable eslint spacing warnings.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Removed vestigial ReferenceDef node type.John MacFarlane3+5-11
Added getType(), setType() to node.js.John MacFarlane5+33-24
Removed artificial distinction btw FencedCode, IndentedCodeJohn MacFarlane2+51-51
Updated benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+4-4
Added normalize-reference.js.John MacFarlane3+68-8
Bump package.json version to 0.16.0.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Added changelog.c.txt and js/changelog.js.txt.John MacFarlane2+55-0
Bump spec version to 0.16.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Updated changelog.John MacFarlane1+32-0
Slightly more efficient test for lazy continuation.John MacFarlane1+1-2
Fixed minor linter issues.John MacFarlane1+3-2
Added pathological tests to test.js.John MacFarlane1+7-3
Added (still commented-out) pathological tests to test.js.John MacFarlane1+126-62
Rewrote beginning of Entities section.John MacFarlane1+6-12
Inserted space (typo).John MacFarlane1+1-1
Removed defective Example 449.John MacFarlane1+0-10
Removed an implicit cast in node.js 'next'.John MacFarlane1+6-6
Updated benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+5-6
Initialize fields in objects to null rather than undefined.John MacFarlane3+23-23
blocks.js - avoid an implicit boolean cast.John MacFarlane1+3-3
Updated benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+6-6
Simplified some of the new-block-start logic.John MacFarlane1+22-20
Assign marker_offset to list data at initialization.John MacFarlane1+4-4
last_matched_container -> lastMatchedContainer.John MacFarlane1+4-4
Ensure that closeUnmatchedBlocks is not called unnecessarily.John MacFarlane1+14-10
Fixed start column for blockquotes.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Added lineNumber proper to DocParser.John MacFarlane1+25-23
Fixed typo in spec.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+6-6
Made closeUnmatchedBlocks a method of DocParser...John MacFarlane1+24-26
Another try at .travis.yml.John MacFarlane1+6-4
More travis fixes.John MacFarlane1+4-6
Fixed typo in travis script.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Revert "Moved dingus to js directory."John MacFarlane3+176-176
Fixed travis (I hope).John MacFarlane1+1-1
Improved README.John MacFarlane1+40-32
Cleaned up Makefile.John MacFarlane1+1-7
Some astyle reformatting.John MacFarlane2+9-9
Moved spec2js.js to tools/.John MacFarlane1+0-0
Moved templates,, and specfilter.hs -> tools/.John MacFarlane5+6-510
Moved to tools/.John MacFarlane2+1-1
Moved eslint.json to js/ subdir.John MacFarlane2+1-1
Moved python, rb, lua wrappers to wrappers subdirectory.John MacFarlane5+3-4
Moved dingus to js directory.John MacFarlane3+176-176
Removed Makefile.old.John MacFarlane1+0-47
.travis.yml: don't run valgrind on osx.John MacFarlane1+5-4
Simplified release archive.John MacFarlane2+10-42
Updated benchmarks with new multilingual progit sample.John MacFarlane1+27-26
For benchmarks, read file rather than piping from stdin.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Fixed ANSI color 'reset' in js/test.js.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Use much more multilingual benchmark source.John MacFarlane1+5-6
Fixed .travis.yml for osx.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Fixed sh syntax in .travis.yml.John MacFarlane1+5-3
Wrap decodeURI in a try.John MacFarlane1+6-1
html.js, xml.js: avoid using concat.John MacFarlane2+2-2
Use new with Document and NodeWalker constructors.John MacFarlane2+3-3
js/bench.js: use capital letter for Showdown so eslint doesn't complain.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Improved eslint.json.John MacFarlane1+8-2
Updated travis script to install osx dependencies using brew.John MacFarlane1+11-4
Enable testing on osx with travis.John MacFarlane1+3-0
Use decodeURI instead of the deprecated 'unescape'.John MacFarlane1+1-3
Relaxed some eslint rules that don't make sense for us.John MacFarlane1+3-1
Fixed some linter errors.John MacFarlane4+6-21
Moved "use strict" to top of modules.John MacFarlane6+12-59
Moved common xml escaping code from xml.js, html.js to common.js.John MacFarlane3+41-42
Factored out normalizeURI into a single function in common.js.John MacFarlane2+15-7
Factored out unescapeString into new module, js/common.js.John MacFarlane3+32-26
A few changes to JS so its xml matches cmark's.John MacFarlane2+7-3
More xml.js improvements.John MacFarlane1+19-18
Small improvements to xml.js.John MacFarlane1+14-10
js: 'ListItem' -> 'Item'.John MacFarlane3+8-8
xml.c: Include level attribute in header.John MacFarlane1+4-0
Dingus: XMLRenderer -> XmlRenderer.John MacFarlane1+1-1
node.js: toAST -> toObject.John MacFarlane2+5-5
Fixed url -> destination in xml.js.John MacFarlane1+2-2
node.js: Added title and destination to list of props to show in toAST.John MacFarlane1+1-1
xml format: use 'destination' instead of 'url', like the spec.John MacFarlane2+2-2
Handle more attributes with xml.js.John MacFarlane1+50-26
Merge pull request #281 from nwellnhof/shrink_entity_tableJohn MacFarlane5+14064-11471
Added intended two-line hard-breaks in Examples 521, 523.John MacFarlane1+2-2
XML writer - implemented list attributes.John MacFarlane1+24-0
XMLRenderer -> XmlRenderer.John MacFarlane3+5-5
Updated dingus to use XML for the AST pane.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Removed JS library's dependency on util.John MacFarlane3+7-17
xml.js: basic structure working.John MacFarlane1+19-148
Start on xml.js.John MacFarlane3+280-0
node.js: use switch instead of if-else.John MacFarlane1+15-11
Use order-only dependency of cmark.3 on PROG.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Makefile tweaks.John MacFarlane1+6-7
Non-verbose output on 'make testarchive', unless error occurs.John MacFarlane1+2-4
Removed circular build dependency, improved testarchive.John MacFarlane1+9-5
Makefile: require PROG for making man3 page.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Run the spec tests only if python3 is found.John MacFarlane1+37-20
'make test' - don't use verbose output.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Added cmark.3 man page to repository and archive.John MacFarlane5+548-53
Small reorganization of man/CMakeLists.txt.John MacFarlane1+11-8
Make sure library is built before man page.John MacFarlane1+3-2
'make leakcheck': check xml and man renderers as well.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Merge pull request #277 from nwellnhof/iteratorJohn MacFarlane4+152-74
Added python markdown, parsedown to benchmark comparisons.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Updated benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+5-5
More efficient detab.John MacFarlane1+20-13
Timings: added 'preparing input'.John MacFarlane1+3-1
Added options to DocParser.John MacFarlane3+15-12
Removed a redundant clause from switch statement.John MacFarlane1+0-4
Added --time option to js/bin/commonmark.John MacFarlane1+14-1
Include a mini ansi implementation in test.js.John MacFarlane1+17-19
Removed ansi from js source tree.John MacFarlane3+20-478
Made 'options' a parameter of the renderer constructors...John MacFarlane4+28-13
Removed an unnecessary variable from cloneUnmatchedBlocks.John MacFarlane1+1-3
html.js: removed blocksep and innersep, no longer used.John MacFarlane1+0-2
HTML renderer: throw error on unknown tag type.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Put another regex in a variable.John MacFarlane1+3-1
Another "test before replace" optimization.John MacFarlane1+7-1
Small performance optimization in dealing with final newline.John MacFarlane1+6-1
Updated benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+5-5
HTML renderer: Test for characters that need escaping before substituting.John MacFarlane1+10-5
Updated benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+6-5
More HTML rendering efficiency improvements.John MacFarlane1+5-2
Don't use array buffer in HTML rendering.John MacFarlane1+5-5
Reordered some definitions, so regex is defined before being used.John MacFarlane1+29-27
Removed unused import.John MacFarlane1+0-1
Made Node a local variable.John MacFarlane1+3-3
Made NodeWalker a regular function returning an object.John MacFarlane1+11-9
Removed unnec. comment.John MacFarlane1+0-1
Regex optimizations in inlines.js.John MacFarlane1+26-13
Regex optimizations in blocks.js.John MacFarlane1+42-13
Moved more regexes into variables.John MacFarlane1+9-3
Put backtick regexes in variables.John MacFarlane1+7-3
Removed redundant condition.John MacFarlane1+1-7
Removed a redundant condition.John MacFarlane1+0-4
Use a switch instead of if-then-else.John MacFarlane1+6-5
Small optimization.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+5-5
JS linter improvements.John MacFarlane4+12-16
Improved unescapeString performance.John MacFarlane1+11-2
Improved newline parsing efficiency.John MacFarlane2+12-16
Put limit on AST display as string.John MacFarlane2+2-2
Non-recursive version of toAST().John MacFarlane1+30-17
Updated dingus.John MacFarlane2+2-2
Updated renderAST in lib.John MacFarlane1+1-1
JS: Renamed 'c' property to 'literal' to match libcmark.John MacFarlane4+24-19
Added options to render, implemented sourcepos option.John MacFarlane2+45-24
JS: sourceloc -> sourcepos for confirmity with cmark.John MacFarlane2+5-5
Replaced 'pos' with 'sourceloc', making it an array.John MacFarlane2+7-8
Added end column position to pos for blocks.John MacFarlane1+6-3
JS: Improved end lines.John MacFarlane1+4-8
Don't include string_content in output of toAST().John MacFarlane1+1-2
JS: use c rather than string_content property for code blocks, html.John MacFarlane2+11-8
Updated benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Rewrote HTML escaping for big performance gain.John MacFarlane2+20-12
Updated MacFarlane1+12-1
Comment fix.John MacFarlane1+1-3
Simplified reMain for more performance gains.John MacFarlane1+1-2
Simplified reMain, with AST manipulation for 2-space hardbreak.John MacFarlane1+13-4
Don't initialize strings, string_content to defined value.John MacFarlane2+13-4
Made `tight` a property of `list_data`.John MacFarlane3+11-7
Initialize more properties of Node. Even better performance!John MacFarlane1+5-1
Initialize more fields in Node. Better performance.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Initialize more fields in Node.John MacFarlane1+5-2
Removed makeBlock. Use new Node directly. Initialize more fields.John MacFarlane2+9-17
JS: replace NUL characters with U+FFFD, as per spec.John MacFarlane1+4-0
More JS linter fixes.John MacFarlane2+67-23
JS linter improvements.John MacFarlane1+17-13
Rename js/lib/html-renderer.js -> js/lib/html.js.John MacFarlane2+1-1
JS linter cleanups.John MacFarlane1+136-135
Minor code reformatting.John MacFarlane3+7-7
Use linked list instead of arrays for AST.John MacFarlane8+555-342
js/bench.js: use npm, added markdown-it.John MacFarlane1+11-4
xml writer: add list attributes.John MacFarlane1+26-1
Added `cmark_iter_reset` and a note about handling destructive updates.John MacFarlane2+22-0
js: Use children instead of inline_content for Paragraph.John MacFarlane2+7-7
js: Use children rather than 'c' for Emph and Strong contents.John MacFarlane2+4-4
js: Changed 'label' in Link, Image to 'children'.John MacFarlane2+5-8
Fixed 'make'.John MacFarlane1+1-1
cmark: Add function & option to normalize text nodes.John MacFarlane5+57-0
Merge pull request #273 from zmwangx/masterJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #269 from jgm/licenseVicent Marti3+148-71
Clarify that brackets in general don't take precedence over emph.John MacFarlane1+9-0
Clarify that final newline is removed from paragraph content.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Talk of "info string" rather than "attributes" for code blocks.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Clarified precedence of code spans, HTML tags, autolinks.John MacFarlane1+21-4
Reformatted code consistently with astyle.John MacFarlane15+605-574
Added 'make astyle' to reformat code consistently.John MacFarlane1+5-1
Fixed a number of links in spec.John MacFarlane1+14-14 put pluralizing s inside link for better visuals.John MacFarlane1+2-0 put ids on headers, not separate anchor.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Removed pandoc from travis build deps.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Strip {-} off unnumbered sections in HTML version of spec.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Moved spec.html error checks into MacFarlane2+22-8
Fixed spec.pdf target.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Fixed some duplicate references.John MacFarlane1+8-8
Removed second parameter of MacFarlane2+6-7
Use cmark itself to build spec.html.John MacFarlane3+34-25 create toc without relying on pandoc.John MacFarlane1+44-5
Improved spec.pdf production.John MacFarlane2+10-8 -> MacFarlane3+80-56
Linkify "info string" in spec.John MacFarlane1+7-7
Use shortcut reference links when possible in spec.txt.John MacFarlane1+196-248
xml writer - fixed issues with empty images.John MacFarlane1+6-10
Improved DTD readability with entities.John MacFarlane1+53-26 Add reference link definitions for internal anchors.John MacFarlane1+17-8
Rewrote spec2md in python.John MacFarlane3+42-37
Fixed CDATA regex in js.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Moved non-comment examples (1e789d0f) to inline tag section.John MacFarlane1+11-14
Improved js regex for html comments.John MacFarlane1+1-1 More accurate regex for HTML comments.John MacFarlane2+1965-1956
spec: Added examples of non-comments.John MacFarlane1+14-0
spec: use HTML5 spec's rule for HTML comments.John MacFarlane1+4-3
Make clear that any sequence of characters is a valid document.John MacFarlane1+5-5
Spec: "is preferred" -> "takes precedence".John MacFarlane1+3-3
Minor reformatting.John MacFarlane1+6-6
Regularized "non-space character" spelling and added links.John MacFarlane1+14-8
Use 4 spaces rather than 5 to show "four spaces is too much."John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated package.json.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated changelog.John MacFarlane1+5-0
Spec to 0.15.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Fixed some left-flanking/right-flanking reversals in spec for emphasis.John MacFarlane1+14-14
Updated dingus - incorporated changes made in CommonMark-site.John MacFarlane1+48-25
Updated spec changelog.John MacFarlane1+45-7
Omit footer on template.John MacFarlane1+0-17
Bump spec version to 0.14.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Added CC-BY-SA license to documentation.John MacFarlane2+33-0
Merge pull request #256 from nwellnhof/windows_fixesJohn MacFarlane18+78-44
Revert "Remove unneeded va_copy"John MacFarlane1+4-1
Revert "man: use a variable to store the char * from node_get_url."John MacFarlane1+2-3
man: use a variable to store the char * from node_get_url.John MacFarlane1+3-2
Require cmake >= 2.8.9, use a ppa for travis.John MacFarlane2+4-2
Attempted optimization of cmark_ctype.John MacFarlane1+29-12
Renamed a couple variables.John MacFarlane1+7-7
.travis.yml: install python3 for build.John MacFarlane1+2-3
Added cmark_ prefix to functions in cmark_ctype.John MacFarlane7+24-24
Fixed leakcheck for python3.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Use python3 for bench in Makefile.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Added cmark_ctype.h with locale-independent isspace, ispunct, etc.John MacFarlane8+52-15
spec: Define ascii punctuation character separately.John MacFarlane1+5-5
Added (python3 sample wrapper).John MacFarlane1+25-0
Updated tests to use python3.John MacFarlane5+49-46
Fixed md2man for python3.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Avoid warning about unused options parameter in man writer.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Make `--sourcepos` affect xml writer too.John MacFarlane1+4-3
Added options parameter to renderers.John MacFarlane7+91-34
Added cmark_node_set_list_delim, cmark_node_get_list_delim.John MacFarlane3+52-0
Added CMARK_NO_DELIM to cmark_delim_typeJohn MacFarlane1+1-0
Removed old 'ast' format, now that we have 'xml'.John MacFarlane4+1-182
Adjust benchmarks for cmark.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Improved end column/end line calculations in finalize.John MacFarlane1+18-6
Added end_column to cmark_node struct.John MacFarlane6+22-2
blocks.c - removed unneeded start_line parameter from make_block.John MacFarlane1+11-11
blocks.c: removed redundant line_number param in finalize.John MacFarlane1+16-20
Rename CMARK_NODE_LIST_ITEM -> CMARK_NODE_ITEM.John MacFarlane8+21-21
Revamped xml writer and dtd to use lowercase element names.John MacFarlane2+45-41
Rename cmark_node_type_string -> cmark_node_get_type_string.John MacFarlane3+28-24
Added xml writer, to dump the AST in XML.John MacFarlane5+198-1
Expose cmark_node_type_string in node.h (private header).John MacFarlane2+7-3 limit to 65000 reps.John MacFarlane1+3-2
Spec: added example with two blank lines in fenced code in sublist.John MacFarlane1+21-0
Clarify precedence of empty list item over setext header line.John MacFarlane1+13-7
Makefile: Added spec target with check of internal links/anchors.John MacFarlane1+10-2
spec: Added rule for empty list item.John MacFarlane1+62-28
Spec: reworded principle of uniformity for more generality.John MacFarlane1+5-4
spec: added another example of unclarity in Markdown syntax description.John MacFarlane1+12-4
Added pathological tests for nulls in input and nested blockquotes.John MacFarlane1+11-5
Minor whitespace fixes.John MacFarlane3+19-19
Fixed shadowing error.John MacFarlane1+3-3
Updated benchmark for cmark.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Use python, not python2, as name of python interpreter.John MacFarlane2+2-2
Optimized the change in 72a556fd3bd17feaffba2fb6faa8c8f2a3931643.John MacFarlane1+6-4
Revert "Makefile: specify python2 in places where it's needed."John MacFarlane1+1-1
Fixed links to HTML5 spec.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Fixed some broken anchors in the spec.John MacFarlane1+8-10
Linkified "whitespace" in spec.John MacFarlane1+36-31
Makefile: specify python2 in places where it's needed.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated C parser to handle #252.John MacFarlane1+10-2
Added test case for link-in-link-in-image (#252).John MacFarlane1+6-0
JS: fixed parsing of link-in-link-in-image.John MacFarlane1+18-8
Fixed infinite loop in JS parser for link-in-link-in-image.John MacFarlane1+5-7
Improved rules for emphasis and strong emphasis.John MacFarlane3+244-24
Use python2 for man, test scripts.John MacFarlane4+11-7
Fixed so it works with both python2 and python3.John MacFarlane1+7-1
Added definitions of whitespace and other character classes.John MacFarlane1+100-62
Made more DRY.John MacFarlane1+10-20
Added HTML normalization tests to test/CMakeLists.txt.John MacFarlane2+7-2
Fixed normalization bug, added more doctests for normalization.John MacFarlane1+17-3 make --dump-tests sensitive to --pattern, --number.John MacFarlane1+8-7
Merge pull request #248 from cirosantilli/short-optionsJohn MacFarlane1+4-4
Merge pull request #247 from cirosantilli/run-single-test-by-numberJohn MacFarlane1+23-25
Slight improvement to #250.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Merge pull request #250 from cirosantilli/deal-invalid-unicodeJohn MacFarlane1+16-6
Added a few more doctests for HTML normalization (#245).John MacFarlane1+21-1
Fixed whitespace normalization (#245).John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #245 from cirosantilli/normalize-whitespace-failJohn MacFarlane2+7-2
Merge pull request #244 from petere/patch-1John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #243 from maxlinc/patch-1John MacFarlane1+7-7
More Makefile adjustments.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Updated Makefile for changes in man page generation.John MacFarlane1+1-8
Create cmark.3 in cmake build process.John MacFarlane4+28-411
Merge pull request #240 from cirosantilli/ignore-pycJohn MacFarlane1+1-0 use cmark_chunk rather than chunk.John MacFarlane2+6-6
Added 'literal' field to 'code' struct.John MacFarlane7+17-10
HTML writer: fixed bug in detection of fenced code blocks.John MacFarlane1+1-2
print: print fenced and fence_length for code blocks.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Re-added cmark_ prefix to strbuf and chunk.John MacFarlane23+421-422
Clarify that unicode whitespace counts as whitespace in emph rules.John MacFarlane1+11-4
Added comment.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Use UTF-8 sensitive functions to check for spaces around emph markers.John MacFarlane1+33-8
Rename get/set_string_content -> get/set_literal.John MacFarlane4+29-29
Use cmark_iter to avoid stack allocation in process_inlines.John MacFarlane1+13-40
man writer: use chunk literal in code blocks.John MacFarlane2+25-3
Added GNU profiler flags to debug build.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Use chunk for fenced code info, instead of strbuf.John MacFarlane5+27-23
Use as.literal instead of string_content for HTML and code blocks.John MacFarlane4+10-33
Added empty clauses for DOCUMENT node to html and man writers.John MacFarlane2+6-0
Clarified spec on indented code blocks.John MacFarlane1+8-7
Added API documentation to src/cmark.h. Closes #224.John MacFarlane3+332-165
Removed cmark_node_handler - it was used by cmark_walk, now deleted.John MacFarlane1+0-9
Makefile fixes for man page.John MacFarlane3+62-62
Makefile: add targets for html versions of man pages.John MacFarlane1+6-0
Use typewriter font for signatures in man pages.John MacFarlane2+52-52
Write API docs in cmark.h using markdown.John MacFarlane3+103-85
Added cmark_render_man (man page writer).John MacFarlane6+304-19
Added iterator interface to API, removed cmark_walk.John MacFarlane8+205-133
API improvements: cmark_event_type parameter for walk handlers.John MacFarlane5+24-13
Remove CMARK_NODE_REFERENCE_DEF from API.John MacFarlane7+26-36
Makefile: Removed dependency of leakcheck on PROG.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Removed cmark_ prefix on chunk and strbuf.John MacFarlane11+127-203
Revert "Removed CMARK_NODE_REFERENCE_DEF from API."John MacFarlane7+19-5
Rudimentary documentation for cmark_walk.John MacFarlane2+18-1
Removed CMARK_NODE_REFERENCE_DEF from API.John MacFarlane7+5-19
Updated benchmarks for new HTML renderer.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Rewrote HTML renderer using cmark_walk.John MacFarlane2+180-248
Added test for cmark_walk.John MacFarlane1+25-1
Added cmark_node_handler and cmark_walk to header.John MacFarlane3+71-1
Makefile - run js benchmark with high priority.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Further delinting efforts.John MacFarlane1+2-11
More js delinting.John MacFarlane3+14-14
More js delinting.John MacFarlane1+12-36
Run eslint on bench.jsJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
More linter corrections to js code.John MacFarlane2+33-32
More eslint corrections.John MacFarlane1+6-5
linter fixes to html5-entities.js and index.js.John MacFarlane2+8-5
Fixed linter errors in js/bin/commonmark, js/test.js.John MacFarlane2+8-8
eslint.json - don't worry about quote style.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Apply js linting to test.js.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Added eslint.json and 'lint' target in Makefile.John MacFarlane2+12-0
html5-entities.js: put object property 'in' in quotes.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Moved changelog.spec -> changelog.spec.txt.John MacFarlane2+9-10
Update spec version.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Avoid using non-ascii characters in js code.John MacFarlane1+2131-2126
Merge pull request #238 from nwellnhof/fix_warningsJohn MacFarlane4+5245-4199
Merge pull request #237 from nwellnhof/fix_last_line_blankJohn MacFarlane1+2-2
Revert "API change: Add cmark_node_set_type for completeness."John MacFarlane3+0-20
API change: Add cmark_node_set_type for completeness.John MacFarlane3+20-0
node.c: Make sure no functions segfault if passed null pointers.John MacFarlane1+118-9
Changed CMARK_NODE_NONE from -1 to 0.John MacFarlane3+7-5
Added CMARK_NODE_TYPE_NONE.John MacFarlane3+11-2
Added "chunk.h" include to scanners.h.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Moved source files from src/html into src.John MacFarlane16+10295-10295
Fixed another archive problem.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Fixed some problems in 'make archive'.John MacFarlane1+6-5
Merge pull request #235 from coder543/patch-1John MacFarlane1+1-1
Create pkg-config file as part of build procedure.John MacFarlane2+15-0
Added note on lua wrapper.John MacFarlane1+3-2
Revised README's instructions on tests.John MacFarlane1+10-14
Merge pull request #232 from nwellnhof/eof_detectionJohn MacFarlane2+9-0
Added changelog.spec.John MacFarlane1+10-0
'make' now prints message about where to find binaries.John MacFarlane1+1-0
README: Document where the binaries are placed.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Travis: we no longer need doxygen.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Added src/scanners.c to repository.John MacFarlane3+12402-5
Use `--no-generation-date` with `re2c`.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Changed build procedure so that an empty scanners.c is not createdJohn MacFarlane1+6-2
Merge pull request #229 from cebe/fixed-python-scriptJohn MacFarlane1+2-2
Improved lua wrapper demo.John MacFarlane1+4-6
Better example of lua wrapper.John MacFarlane1+145-85
Added simple luajit wrapper example.John MacFarlane1+143-0
More man page improvements.John MacFarlane3+68-14
Fixed commas in man 3 page.John MacFarlane2+16-16
Make the man pages standard groff man rather than mdoc.John MacFarlane4+113-241
Fixed bug in splitting arguments in MacFarlane3+35-19
Switched to mdoc for cmark.1.John MacFarlane1+22-26
Man page: proper date format.John MacFarlane2+2-2
Set proper name and section in man page.John MacFarlane2+2-2
Removed markdown intermediary for man 1 page.John MacFarlane2+0-40
Create man 3 page without markdown intermediary.John MacFarlane4+329-200
Updated to use C89 comments.John MacFarlane2+19-19
Added blank line in comment.John MacFarlane1+1-0
cmark.h: Use C89 comments.John MacFarlane1+147-90
Renamed cmark_parser_push -> cmark_parser_feed.John MacFarlane4+10-10
Merge pull request #228 from nwellnhof/delimitersJohn MacFarlane1+103-112
More code cleanup in MacFarlane1+6-7
Reorganized code in MacFarlane1+45-46
test: Factored out normalization code into MacFarlane2+142-139 if dump_args, don't try to load dynamic library.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Updated path for MacFarlane2+3-3
Use + pandoc to create cmark.3 man page from cmark.h.John MacFarlane4+124-279 improved.John MacFarlane1+28-6
Added script.John MacFarlane1+37-0
Factored out from test programs.John MacFarlane3+48-65
Annotated cmark.h with some markdown headers etc. for man page.John MacFarlane1+67-12
Added very basic cmark.3 man page, added to install process.John MacFarlane4+410-27
Keep cmark.1 in repository, so pandoc isn't required to build.John MacFarlane3+52-7
Changed name of man target to 'manpages'.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #227 from nwellnhof/process_emphJohn MacFarlane2+90-95
Check for `[` character in `link_label`.John MacFarlane1+8-2
Fixed ALLTESTS target for new location.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #225 from nwellnhof/push_parserJohn MacFarlane4+80-29
Updated Makefile for changes to test/ and man/.John MacFarlane1+5-13
Moved testing programs to test/.John MacFarlane4+26-21
Removed man/ MacFarlane1+0-2331
Moved man page generation to man/CMakeLists.txt.John MacFarlane6+2352-2378
Updated travis script to get doxygen.John MacFarlane1+2-3
Include man3 in archive.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Framework for using doxygen to generate API docs.John MacFarlane4+2354-3
Minor reformatting.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Removed cmark_free_nodes from public API.John MacFarlane5+42-45
Renamed identifiers in public API:John MacFarlane6+41-41
Clarified logic in remove_delimiter.John MacFarlane1+11-5
Avoid potential memory leak.John MacFarlane1+1-2
Removed unnecessary assignment.John MacFarlane1+0-1
Merge pull request #222 from nwellnhof/short_name_cleanupJohn MacFarlane10+77-108
Merge pull request #221 from nwellnhof/cplusplus_testJohn MacFarlane4+28-0 Replace → with tab when dumping json.John MacFarlane1+1-1 return success status on --dump-tests.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Add to archive.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Changed more runtests -> spec_tests.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Renamed -> MacFarlane4+6-6
Added to test suite.John MacFarlane2+86-0 renamed a regex.John MacFarlane1+3-2 split argument of '--program' so that options can be given.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #220 from nwellnhof/node_insert_fixJohn MacFarlane2+6-2
Added wrapper.rb.John MacFarlane1+3-3
make bench: take input from stdin.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Removed MacFarlane1+0-84
Added skeleton of MacFarlane1+84-0
Replaced cmark_debug_print with cmark_render_ast.John MacFarlane3+9-6
print.c: use nonrecursive algorithm.John MacFarlane1+25-15
Use strbuf in print.c.John MacFarlane1+57-53
Replaced print_blocks and print_inlines with print_nodes.John MacFarlane1+61-80
`print.c` - make `document` node implicit.John MacFarlane1+1-2
Rename NODE_STRING -> NODE_TEXT.John MacFarlane9+31-31
Moved commonmark.rb to its own repo (jgm/commonmarker).John MacFarlane1+0-388
Don't open shared library if --dump-tests or --debug-normalization.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Removed; regenerate with Makefile target.John MacFarlane2+7-1564
Run leakcheck in travis build.John MacFarlane2+3-1
commonmark.rb - removed outf.John MacFarlane1+0-4
Merge pull request #218 from nwellnhof/windows_fixesJohn MacFarlane7+28-10
Merge pull request #219 from nwellnhof/editorconfigJohn MacFarlane1+6-1
Merge pull request #217 from nwellnhof/utf8_validationJohn MacFarlane4+190-11
README: Added note about --dump-tests.John MacFarlane1+7-0 Added --dump-tests option to dump tests as JSON.John MacFarlane1+34-15
js: use 'CodeBlock' in AST for all code blocks.John MacFarlane2+7-10
Added 'fenced' flag to cmark_code struct, renamed from cmark_fenced_code.John MacFarlane2+10-7
Added internal flag to distinguish setext from atx headers.John MacFarlane2+3-0
Do not distinguish btw fenced and indented code in AST.John MacFarlane7+68-80
Revert "Revert "Remove distinction btw atx and setext header in AST.""John MacFarlane9+37-68
Merge pull request #215 from nwellnhof/no_trailing_newlineJohn MacFarlane2+14-1
Revert "Remove distinction btw atx and setext header in AST."John MacFarlane9+68-37
Remove distinction btw atx and setext header in AST.John MacFarlane9+37-68
Renamed NODE_BQUOTE -> NODE_BLOCK_QUOTE.John MacFarlane6+18-18
Fixed #192.John MacFarlane2+8-0
Updated JS and C implementations for #209.John MacFarlane2+2-0
Changed Example 196 in spec to reflect the spec's rules.John MacFarlane1+1-2
js html renderer: formatting changes to align with changes in spec.John MacFarlane1+8-1
C html renderer: ensure newline before hr or raw html block.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Adjusted formatting of test - CR btw `<li>` and `<hr />`.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Fixed #214 C and JS implementations.John MacFarlane2+13-1
Added example to spec of shortcut link with following space.John MacFarlane1+10-0
Added an Authors section to README.John MacFarlane1+38-29
commonmark.rb: Added 'transform' and demos.John MacFarlane1+43-6
Fixed typo.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Revised benchmark procedure.John MacFarlane3+28-12
Merge pull request #210 from nwellnhof/nwellnhof_141122John MacFarlane9+544-319
Added examples of using walk.John MacFarlane1+13-1
commonmark.rb - added walk, an iterator that walks the AST.John MacFarlane1+20-2
commonmark.rb: omit title if empty.John MacFarlane1+3-3
Added a needed parameter in MacFarlane1+1-1
commonmark.rb - support remaining elements in HTML renderer.John MacFarlane1+135-12
More commonmark.rb improvements.John MacFarlane1+92-36
commonmark.rb - more elegant out, blocksep.John MacFarlane1+44-43
Further improvements to commonmark.rb.John MacFarlane1+36-20
commonmark.rb - implemented headers.John MacFarlane1+16-2
commonmark.rb: separated Renderer class.John MacFarlane1+85-45
html: Simplified render_stack code.John MacFarlane1+23-34
commonmark.rb: more progress.John MacFarlane1+28-10
commonmark.rb improvements.John MacFarlane1+40-50
Added commonmark.rb, steps towards a nice ruby wrapper of the parser.John MacFarlane1+79-0
Removed variance from MacFarlane1+2-2
Added utf8proc_is_space.John MacFarlane2+89-36
Added utf8proc_is_punctuation.John MacFarlane2+161-0
Removed leakchek from travis script.John MacFarlane1+0-1
Travis: run valgrind after finishing.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Use --no-normalize in tests.John MacFarlane1+3-3
Reformatted some spec examples to match output of cmark.John MacFarlane1+193-89 Fixed normalization of declarations and CDATA.John MacFarlane1+10-7 catch HTMLParser errors in normalizer.John MacFarlane1+9-5
leakcheck: Have valgrind return error code on errors.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #208 from nwellnhof/more_accessors_and_testsJohn MacFarlane4+470-10
cmark: Add space before '/' in img tag.John MacFarlane1+1-1 Added --no-normalize option.John MacFarlane1+14-7
Renamed --test-normalization to --debug-normalizationJohn MacFarlane1+2-2
Further improvements.John MacFarlane2+11-7
Improved normalization in MacFarlane1+83-68
Added python version of test runner.John MacFarlane8+284-193
make test: Use cmake to run tests. So we get api tests too.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Add api_test directory to archive.John MacFarlane1+6-5
Merge branch 'api_tests' of into nwellnhof-api_testsJohn MacFarlane10+362-25
Removed remarkable.js benchmark.John MacFarlane1+0-1
Boldface commonmark.js too in benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+14-14
Added a few more benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+3-0
Added remarkable.js benchmark.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Initialize all fields in node when creating inlines.John MacFarlane1+22-0
Fix to #205 that doesn't require raw HTML.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+1-1
html: Removed union from RenderStack.John MacFarlane1+6-9
Merge pull request #206 from nwellnhof/improve_node_checkJohn MacFarlane1+44-14
Make sure the emph inline added in process_emphasis has a parent.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Set CMARK_DEBUG_NODES for debug builds.John MacFarlane1+3-0
Make parse_inlines add directly to parent.John MacFarlane4+21-68
Set last_child and parent in make_linkNick Wellnhofer1+3-0
Store link labels as children in tree structureNick Wellnhofer6+7-34
Set prev, parent and last_child for inlinesNick Wellnhofer4+107-5
Move cmark_free_nodes to node.cNick Wellnhofer2+51-51
Rename ast.h to parser.hNick Wellnhofer10+31-37
Move reference type definitions to reference.hNick Wellnhofer2+18-17
Move inline-related stuff to inlines.cNick Wellnhofer3+77-96
Move public stuff from node.h to cmark.hNick Wellnhofer2+99-98
Remove old node_block and node_inlNick Wellnhofer3+0-187
Switch cmark_node_inl over to cmark_nodeNick Wellnhofer10+171-190
Switch cmark_node_block over to cmark_nodeNick Wellnhofer8+210-197
Start with unified nodesNick Wellnhofer3+381-0
Merge pull request #205 from jesstelford/patch-1John MacFarlane1+1-1
Make table properly aligned.John MacFarlane1+10-10
Put benchmarks in separate file.John MacFarlane2+24-17
More 'make bench' improvements.John MacFarlane1+4-5
More 'make bench' improvements.John MacFarlane1+5-4
'make bench': Use larger benchmark file, fewer runs.John MacFarlane1+2-2
More 'make bench' improvements.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Improved 'make bench'.John MacFarlane2+15-6
Better benchmark.John MacFarlane3+618-9
Merge pull request #203 from gcrico/Issue-202John MacFarlane1+10-1
Free the string returned by html renderer in main program.John MacFarlane1+5-1
Moved refmap from the top-level block node to the doc_parser.John MacFarlane3+38-45
Added some basic functions for traversing/editing blocks in AST.John MacFarlane2+94-0
Export enums for inline, block types, list and list delim types.John MacFarlane5+50-67
Fixed cmake add_test syntax.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Travis: use 'make testtarball', install pandoc.John MacFarlane1+2-3
Improved archive, test archive targets.John MacFarlane1+18-12
Added .travis.yml for continuous integration testing.John MacFarlane1+10-0
Moved MAX_LINK_LABEL_LENGTH out of public header.John MacFarlane3+2-5
Removed CMARK_CODE_INDENT, CODE_INDENT from public header.John MacFarlane3+1-4
Added targets to regenerate html_unescape.h and MacFarlane2+14-12
Removed tarball target; replaced with archive, which also builds zip.John MacFarlane2+16-9
Include Makefile.nmake and nmake.bat in release tarball.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Updated tarball target.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Move inline function definitions to header filesNick Wellnhofer5+56-69
Add Makefile and wrapper for nmakeNick Wellnhofer2+61-0
Set correct binmode in mkcasefold.plNick Wellnhofer1+1-0
Feature test for GCC attributesNick Wellnhofer3+13-1
Look for re2c in path when compiling with MSVCNick Wellnhofer1+1-2
Feature test for __builtin_expectNick Wellnhofer3+16-4
Remove unneeded va_copyNick Wellnhofer1+1-4
Compile as C++ under MSVCNick Wellnhofer1+5-0
Declare all functions as extern "C"Nick Wellnhofer6+41-0
Probe for stdbool.hNick Wellnhofer9+18-7
Don't use variable-length arraysNick Wellnhofer1+4-1
Remove unneeded #includesNick Wellnhofer3+0-3
Use named enum typesNick Wellnhofer3+50-42
Create html_unescape.h as ANSI CNick Wellnhofer1+6-10
Rename variables named 'new'Nick Wellnhofer1+23-23
Cast void pointers explicitlyNick Wellnhofer6+16-16
We don't need to include stdbool in the public header.John MacFarlane2+1-1
Moved inline/block-making functions to ast.h.John MacFarlane3+36-40
cmark_render_html now just returns a regular C string.John MacFarlane5+12-16
Moved AST details from public header cmark.h to private ast.h.John MacFarlane10+200-146
Merge pull request #200 from craigbarnes/incguard-fixJohn MacFarlane9+20-18
'make bench' - don't require rebuilding each time.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Fixed 'make bench' again.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Make 'bench' target depend on BUILDDIR.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Workaround to add -fvisibility=hidden for older versions of cmake.John MacFarlane1+7-2
Don't expose append_inlines.John MacFarlane3+36-58
bench target: Added BENCHPATT.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Added a 'bench' target which does some basic stats on multiple runs.John MacFarlane1+10-1
Fixed install target in src/CMakeLists.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Updated man page for multiple file inputs.John MacFarlane2+4-1
Expose lower-level parsing API.John MacFarlane5+262-184
Disable warnings about inline with mingw.John MacFarlane1+4-0
inline make_autolink.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Moved code from buffer.h to buffer.c. Make strbuf_cstr static.John MacFarlane2+23-18
Disable PUBLIC declarations when we're compiling the executable.John MacFarlane1+4-0
Added some includes of buffer.hJohn MacFarlane2+2-0
buffer: Name functions with cmark_ prefix.John MacFarlane1+45-45
Exported some functions from buffer that are used elsewhere.John MacFarlane2+23-20
Changed internal library name to something without a hyphen.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Use cmake's generate_export_header.John MacFarlane3+58-48
Added missing type parameter in MacFarlane1+2-2
Added instructions for cross-compiling windows binary.John MacFarlane1+10-0
Added mingw target for compiling windows exe and dll.John MacFarlane2+27-2
Use time.h, not sys/time.h.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Made buffer functions visible in shared library.John MacFarlane1+27-0
Added cmark_append_blocks, exposed more functions.John MacFarlane2+33-4
Removed ast modules, moved these defs back to cmark.h.John MacFarlane8+324-340
Make basic functions in cmark.h visible.John MacFarlane1+7-0
Compile with -fvisibility=hidden.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Moved scan_at out of scanners.h, renamed to _scan_at.John MacFarlane2+54-52
Moved ast-manipulating functions from inlines to ast.John MacFarlane4+158-135
bench.h - adjusted timing width.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #196 from Thiht/masterJohn MacFarlane2+9-8
Moved the timing macros to get finer-grained information.John MacFarlane3+9-3
inline static -> static inline for consistency.John MacFarlane1+8-8
Added bench.h and inserted timing macros in main.John MacFarlane3+42-6
Moved cmark_free_inlines from inlines to ast.John MacFarlane4+55-56
Rename cmark_free_nodes -> cmark_free_blocks.John MacFarlane4+5-5
Added ast.[c,h] for AST definitions and AST-manipulating functions.John MacFarlane5+167-146
Fixed bug in install target.John MacFarlane1+1-1
wrapper.rb: properly calculate length of string in bytes.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Better installation instructions.John MacFarlane1+22-11
Go back to using GNU syntax for SPECVERSION.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Use a more portable way of determining SPECVERSION.John MacFarlane1+5-4
Improved tarball and testtarball targets.John MacFarlane1+17-6
Re-added check to Makefile.John MacFarlane1+8-5
Merge pull request #195 from nwellnhof/fix_namespace_pollutionJohn MacFarlane8+225-127
Added note on using the library from python or ruby.John MacFarlane1+10-8
Added sample ruby wrapper.John MacFarlane1+14-0
Removed some no-longer-used code in C impl.John MacFarlane1+0-4
Improved tarball target.John MacFarlane1+4-2
Reorganized Makefile.John MacFarlane1+18-21
Documented more Makefile targets.John MacFarlane1+15-4
Reorganized Makefile.John MacFarlane1+26-22
Added cmake test target.John MacFarlane2+17-6
Moved man install target to main CMakeLists.txt.John MacFarlane2+4-4
Improved tarball target.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Added testlib target to test shared lib via python wrapper.John MacFarlane1+3-0 made executable, fixed final newline.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Removed cpack stuff from CMakeLists.txt.`John MacFarlane1+0-43
Makefile: Added tarball target.John MacFarlane1+11-1
Cleaned up Makefile.John MacFarlane1+14-9
Moved "try it now" link to top.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Small tweak in README.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Added js usage example.John MacFarlane1+18-11
README tweaks.John MacFarlane1+6-2
README - minor formatting.John MacFarlane1+5-5
Fixed "Try it now" link.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Revised README.John MacFarlane1+58-40
Added npm target.John MacFarlane1+4-1
Bump version on package.json.John MacFarlane1+1-3
Added example MacFarlane1+23-0
Improved cmark_markdown_to_html.John MacFarlane2+8-4
Added cmark_markdown_to_html with a simple interface.John MacFarlane4+23-1
Added macro def needed for cpp.John MacFarlane1+8-0
Don't include debug.h in any production code.John MacFarlane2+3-3
html_unescape: Made find_entity staticJohn MacFarlane2+2-2
Define _CMARK_H_ instead of _STDMD_H_.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Makefile: Added separate 'debug' target, 'all' does Release build.John MacFarlane1+6-4
Added peg-markdown to benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Boldface cmark.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Added marked and commonmark.js to benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Fixed typo in benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+2-2
New benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+9-7
Fixed memory allocation bug.John MacFarlane1+1-6
Makefile - default to Debug for make targetJohn MacFarlane1+2-2
Properly set default build type in CMakeLists.txt.John MacFarlane1+4-1
Added BUILDTYPE to Makefile, default to Release.John MacFarlane1+3-2
Fuzztest: indicate when command terminates abnormally.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Make FUZZCHARS settable from environment.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Version 0.12.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Added a link.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Allow images to contain images.John MacFarlane4+37-32
Rebuild commonmark.js before update-site.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Bump spec version to 0.11.John MacFarlane1+2-2
jshint improvements.John MacFarlane2+10-61
Stack-based link handling in js. All tests pass.John MacFarlane1+160-50
Variable renaming in inlines.c.John MacFarlane1+20-19
Rewrote parseLink in js consistent with the C and spec.John MacFarlane1+2-53
Added processEmphasis, run at end of parseInlines.John MacFarlane1+140-13
Changed parseEmphasis to just put things on stack.John MacFarlane1+21-18
Added clarification that hard breaks don't work at ends of blocks.John MacFarlane1+30-2
Spec: use terminology of "image description" rather than "alt text".John MacFarlane1+13-13
Fixed spec tests.John MacFarlane1+7-19
Fixed 2 typos in spec tests.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Fixed bug.John MacFarlane1+1-0
README: more than 500 tests. changes. Lines startingJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated spec for links.John MacFarlane1+312-76
Merge branch 'master' of MacFarlane9+420-362
Improved fuzztest.John MacFarlane1+5-2
Removed unused emphasis_nestlevel.John MacFarlane1+0-4
Factored out push_delimiter.John MacFarlane1+38-25
Removed config.h.cmake (not used).John MacFarlane1+0-138
Replace parse_inlines_while with parse_inlines_from_subject.John MacFarlane1+6-11
Removed release_it scripts.John MacFarlane2+0-73
Revised README with cmake instructions.John MacFarlane1+25-0
Moved site building targets to _site/Makefile.John MacFarlane2+4-41
Moved old bits of Makefile to Makefile.old.John MacFarlane2+47-41
Shared library is again libcmark.John MacFarlane1+3-1
More cmake cleanup.John MacFarlane2+8-61
Fixed compiler warnings in cmake.John MacFarlane2+13-14
Moved include file check to src/CMakeLists.txt.John MacFarlane2+5-4
Removed man/Makefile. Put target in main Makefile.John MacFarlane2+4-8
Removed old man/CMakeLists.txt.John MacFarlane3+5-6
Added cmake_minimum_version to src/CMakeLists.txt.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Reformatted src/CMakeLists.txt.John MacFarlane1+36-33
Merge branch 'cmake'John MacFarlane8+466-30
Removed unnecessary C99-ism.John MacFarlane1+5-2
Removed unnecessary dependency in Makefile.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Quick fix to #168.John MacFarlane1+6-13
Use non-recursive algorithm for process_inlines.John MacFarlane1+40-13
Made blocks_to_html non-recursive (using a stack).John MacFarlane1+45-16
buffer: added strbuf_rtrim function.John MacFarlane2+17-9
Reformatted code consistently.John MacFarlane5+399-398
Bump version on spec to 0.10.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Updated js writer to render plain text for alt attributes of images.John MacFarlane1+1-1
HTML renderer: render alt text as plain, unformatted string.John MacFarlane1+49-6
Spec: use plain string content of label for alt text in images.John MacFarlane1+12-8
Use render stack for inline links.John MacFarlane1+8-2
Use regular strings for literal in render_stack.John MacFarlane1+4-5
Use stack approach for rendering strong, emph.John MacFarlane1+35-19
Added basic infrastructure for render_stack.John MacFarlane1+57-0
Give warning on unknown inline type.John MacFarlane1+2-0
Improved free_inlines.John MacFarlane1+9-10
Made block-freeing slightly more efficient by using last_child.John MacFarlane1+2-8
Made cmark_free_nodes non-recursive.John MacFarlane1+13-2
Removed stack limits in inline parsing.John MacFarlane2+2-4
free_inlines: use non-recursive algorithm.John MacFarlane1+22-3
Removed recursive call to handle_strong_emph.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Improved fuzztest target.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Fixed typo.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Clarify benchmark conditions in MacFarlane1+12-8
Added packaging for npm module 'commonmark'.John MacFarlane3+54-0
Updated README to indicate where to get prebuilt commonmark.js.John MacFarlane1+7-6
Bump version on spec to 0.9.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Rewrote emph/strong part of spec, with more systematic examples.John MacFarlane1+390-300
Made more robust.John MacFarlane1+8-4
Update spec version.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Removed artificial rule for emph/strong markers.John MacFarlane3+82-76
Merge pull request #178 from jmendeth/patch-1John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #182 from michaelsproul/cleanupJohn MacFarlane2+3-3
Merge pull request #181 from michaelsproul/fpic-linkerJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
js/lib/blocks: Made matchAt return -1 instead of null on no match.John MacFarlane1+8-8
Added OPTCFLAGS, OPTLDFLAGSJohn MacFarlane1+2-2
Disallow bracketed labels nested more than 1000 deep.John MacFarlane1+3-2
Changed EMPHASIS_STACK_LIMIT -> STACK_LIMIT.John MacFarlane2+2-2
Rename number_of_emphasis_openers -> emphasis_nestlevel.John MacFarlane1+6-6
Update spec version.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Clarified emph/strong rules.John MacFarlane1+26-6
More dingus refinements.John MacFarlane1+4-3
Dingus refinements.John MacFarlane1+9-7
Added links to spec page.John MacFarlane1+5-2
Add date to index of versions.John MacFarlane1+4-2
Factored out of Makefile.John MacFarlane2+19-12
Make "latest version" more prominent on spec landing page.John MacFarlane1+4-5
Cleaned up Makefile a bit.John MacFarlane1+17-13
Removed the pesky dates.John MacFarlane1+5-4
Fixed watermark.John MacFarlane2+3-3
Dingus: REALLY make tab insert tab in text box.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Fixed tab fix in previous commit.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Dingus: Make tab insert a tab in the text box.John MacFarlane1+6-0
Improved (interact) links in spec.John MacFarlane1+3-2
Watermark old versions of the spec.John MacFarlane2+16-1
Include dates in list of versions.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Landing page for spec is now a list with links to all versions.John MacFarlane2+5-13
Makefile: Make sure we update redirect on every new version of spec.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated spec date/version.John MacFarlane1+2-2
dingus: Show HTML tab if query has text.John MacFarlane1+8-3
Added (interact) links to spec, to open examples in dingus.John MacFarlane2+16-1
Dingus improvements; moved to top level.John MacFarlane3+137-136
Added clear and permalink to dingus.John MacFarlane2+145-107
Have index.html on web page redirect to latest version.John MacFarlane2+17-8 Make Example numbers into links.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Add title to list of versions at spec.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Put multiple versions of spec on website.John MacFarlane1+20-7
Removed, moved its content to MacFarlane3+83-147
Require space before closing # sequence in ATX header.John MacFarlane3+23-15
Moved TODO item to trackerJohn MacFarlane1+0-4
Add EMPHASIS_STACK_LIMIT.John MacFarlane2+7-1
Tweaked the closing fence section added in last commit.John MacFarlane1+15-31
Merge pull request #116 from Bengt/code_block_closing_fencesJohn MacFarlane1+50-2
Merge branch 'master' of into till-varoquaux-masterJohn MacFarlane1+21-6
Adjusted appearance of dingus.John MacFarlane1+12-18
Fixed update-site target.John MacFarlane1+3-1
Wording change on tight/loose list example.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Added anchors for `tight` and `loose`.John MacFarlane1+6-6
Added hard-line-break anchor and links.John MacFarlane1+6-4
Fixed typo: code block -> HTML block.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Clarified mention of "lazy line" with link and further example.John MacFarlane1+16-3
Updated spec date/version.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Spec: Resolve hrule/setext header ambiguity.John MacFarlane1+5-2
Spec: Clarify that a list can interrupt a paragraph.John MacFarlane1+83-1
README tweaks (remove refs to stmd/), added benchmarks.John MacFarlane1+17-6
Updated TODO.John MacFarlane1+4-0
Spec version to 0.4.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Spec: improved an example for hrules.John MacFarlane1+4-2
Rename js/bin/markdown -> js/bin/commonmark.John MacFarlane2+1-1
js/bin/markdown: added `--ast` flag and multiple filename args.John MacFarlane1+28-10
Added .editorconfig.John MacFarlane1+17-0
Merge pull request #140 from arthur-peka/masterJohn MacFarlane1+5-5
More stmd -> commonmark changes.John MacFarlane7+16-16
Updated TODO.John MacFarlane1+0-8
Renamed javascript implementation to commonmark.js.John MacFarlane4+16-17
Renamed c program and library stmd -> cmark.John MacFarlane18+219-218
Merge branch 'abduelhamit-master'John MacFarlane1+4-0
Spec: say explicitly that a character is a unicode code point.John MacFarlane1+3-3
Add a newline to a line that doesn't end with one.John MacFarlane1+4-0
Spec: Added rule clarifying setext header content.John MacFarlane1+54-1
Spec: altered processing instruction test.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Fixed regex for processing instruction.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge branch 'tchetch-master'John MacFarlane4+90-61
Use unsigned char, not char, throughout.John MacFarlane4+10-10
Added test case with heading in list item.John MacFarlane1+15-0
Spec: Made background color for code spans work more consistently.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Fixed typo. Closes #110.John MacFarlane1+1-1
README: Added note on protecting vs XSS attacks.John MacFarlane1+7-1
README: Fixed some javascript instructions.John MacFarlane1+6-4
Tweaked CSS in spec template so inline code has background color.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Update version and date on spec.John MacFarlane1+2-2
More tweaks on emph/strong spec and tests.John MacFarlane1+13-13
Removed test case with only opening emph markers.John MacFarlane1+0-27
Merge branch 'emphstack'John MacFarlane12+2100-487
Added renderAST to js, added AST render tab to dingus.John MacFarlane3+46-11
Add unescapeString as method of InlineParser.John MacFarlane2+10-9
Factored out blocks.js from index.js.John MacFarlane2+674-673
Factored out inlines.js from index.js.John MacFarlane2+1321-1316
Change from-code-point.js so it doesn't alter String prototype.John MacFarlane3+54-68
Use browserify to make js code more modular.John MacFarlane10+3816-3814
Merge branch 'master' of MacFarlane1+2-2
Changed bench.js so it no longer requires oldtests.John MacFarlane2+2-2
Correct capitalization of JavaScriptBengt Lüers3+5-5
Added link to on web page.John MacFarlane1+9-0
Added cases from #51 to spec.John MacFarlane1+26-0
Added test case from issue #147.John MacFarlane1+12-0
Removed uthash license. We no longer use this library.John MacFarlane1+0-21
Removed bstrlib license. We no longer use this library.John MacFarlane1+0-29
Removed oldtests.John MacFarlane145+3-5029
Merge branch 'master' into newemphasisJohn MacFarlane1+9-9
Cleaned up entity section of spec.John MacFarlane1+24-17
Adjusted tests for new js parser.John MacFarlane1+22-4
stmd.js: Fixed entityToChar, adding fromCodePoint polyfill.John MacFarlane2+94-4
Reset label_nest_level before parsing reference.John MacFarlane1+1-0
Removed spurious 'and', reflowed.John MacFarlane1+4-3
Further emph fallback optimizations.John MacFarlane1+15-3
Some jshint fixes.John MacFarlane1+8-7
Use simpler algorithm.John MacFarlane1+30-162
Revert "Use integers instead of strings for tags."John MacFarlane1+107-131
Revert "Use numerical constants."John MacFarlane1+135-135
Use numerical constants.John MacFarlane1+135-135
Use integers instead of strings for tags.John MacFarlane1+131-107
Changed inline parsers to be monomorphic and modify inlines param.John MacFarlane1+131-102
Fixed rendering bug for blockquotes.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Char code optimizations in block parsers.John MacFarlane1+8-7
Eliminated unnecessary variable.John MacFarlane1+1-2
Changed peek() to return char code.John MacFarlane1+64-42
Unescape entities as well as backslashes in titles, URLs.John MacFarlane1+32-23
unescape URI before escaping.John MacFarlane1+4-4
Added entity decoding.John MacFarlane1+2141-3
Rename unescape -> unescapeBS to avoid confusion with built-in.John MacFarlane1+5-5
Escape URIs.John MacFarlane1+4-4
Merge branch 'master' into newemphasisJohn MacFarlane33+15370-9541
Use charAt for browser compatibility.John MacFarlane1+14-14
Only memoize during inline parsing.John MacFarlane1+4-4
Restored memoization code.John MacFarlane1+15-0
Used last_emphasis_closer to avoid unneeded scans for closer.John MacFarlane1+11-1
Removed memoization code.John MacFarlane1+0-15
Simple fallback if we don't match emphasis.John MacFarlane1+6-25
Fixed bug that causes hang on bare `<` inside link label.John MacFarlane1+2-3
Makefile: Use ?= so variables can be set on command line.John MacFarlane1+5-5
Use helper functions to simplify code.John MacFarlane1+47-75
Revert "Re-added backtracking and memoization."John MacFarlane1+19-11
Re-added backtracking and memoization.John MacFarlane1+11-19
Small performance tweaks.John MacFarlane1+155-148
Fixed bug in parsing `* **a** b*` etc.John MacFarlane1+8-6
New parseEmphasis algorithm.John MacFarlane1+228-65
Fixed performance regression from eccc23dc8d.John MacFarlane1+29-31
Fixed typo.John MacFarlane1+2-2
jshint improvements.John MacFarlane1+7-5
Reindented source with js2-mode.John MacFarlane1+1468-1468
Clarified code logic for last_emphasis_closer.John MacFarlane1+8-2
Add check for null in last_emphasis_closer.John MacFarlane1+2-1
Renamed last_closer -> last_emphasis_closer.John MacFarlane1+12-11
Added last_closer to Inline object.John MacFarlane1+19-6
Fixed bug.John MacFarlane1+9-8
Updated test cases in spec to reflect last change.John MacFarlane1+1-7
Updated spec (but not yet examples) with new rules.John MacFarlane1+7-2
Special-case ***xx*** as strong/em.John MacFarlane1+6-2
Revert "spec: change nesting order of strong/emph in ***a***."John MacFarlane1+2-2
spec: change nesting order of strong/emph in ***a***.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Simplified parseEmphasis.John MacFarlane1+16-57
Handle case with 4+ delimiters in a row.John MacFarlane1+6-1
Fixed reMain regex for better performance.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Fixed rewind on parseLabel.John MacFarlane1+3-2
Completed conversion to memoized strategy.John MacFarlane1+27-35
Cleanup.John MacFarlane1+3-4
Did parseAutolink.John MacFarlane1+9-9
Did parseHtmLTag.John MacFarlane1+3-4
Did parseEntity.John MacFarlane1+5-6
Did parseBackticks.John MacFarlane1+7-9
Finished parseEmphasis.John MacFarlane1+9-6
parseEmphasis: added Strong and shell for triples.John MacFarlane1+33-51
Shell of parseEmphasis.John MacFarlane1+40-41
Did parseBackslash (used to be parseEscaped).John MacFarlane1+9-13
New strategy: did parseNewlines, parseString.John MacFarlane1+27-32
stmd.js: Added memoization of inline parsing.John MacFarlane1+16-1
Merge branch 'master' of MacFarlane1+8-8
Dingus: use bind('keyup paste cut mouseup'...John MacFarlane1+1-1
Use generic 'change' to trigger parseAndRender.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #100 from ArtyomKazak/masterJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Fixed #48.John MacFarlane3+26-7
Partially address #48 in js parser.John MacFarlane1+7-0
Fixed comment.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Spec, js, C: Added iframe to block-level HTML tags.John MacFarlane3+4-4
spec: Clarify that a blank line may have no characters.John MacFarlane1+2-2
Don't treat "br" as a block-level HTML tag.John MacFarlane3+3-3
stmd.js: Added another regex anchor, in reMain.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Added anchor to linkDestination regexes.John MacFarlane1+2-2
More capitalizing Markdown.John MacFarlane1+14-14
Merge pull request #54 from cebe/patch-1John MacFarlane1+1-1
Fixed extra space before period.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #65 from yamadapc/masterJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Adjusted HTML output for fenced code to match #71 change.John MacFarlane2+7-6
Merge pull request #71 from mathiasbynens/patch-1John MacFarlane1+8-8
Merge pull request #77 from Steve-Fenton/patch-1John MacFarlane1+5-5
Merge pull request #81 from BurtHarris/masterJohn MacFarlane1+11-8
Capitalize Markdown.John MacFarlane1+13-13
Updated date in spec.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Cosmetic change in README.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #86 from ousia/masterJohn MacFarlane7+10-10
Simplified unicode tab escaping test.John MacFarlane1+4-2
Updated tab expansion tests to use code blocks.John MacFarlane1+6-4
Merge branch 'master' of MacFarlane3+82-82
Fixed update-site to do a pull firstJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Capitalize Markdown.John MacFarlane1+35-35
spec: Added a test with single escaped # at end of ATX header.John MacFarlane1+2-0
stmd.js: Fixed ATX header parser bug.John MacFarlane1+1-1
A line can have zero characters.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Added anchor for 'paragraph-continuation-text'.John MacFarlane1+4-4
Fixed typo. Closes #18.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #17 from stof/patch-1John MacFarlane1+5-5
Fixed font size for h3 in dingus.John MacFarlane1+0-1
Merge pull request #15 from StevenMaude/typo-fixJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #11 from factormystic/patch-1John MacFarlane1+1-1
Delete incorrect "leading spaces" in setext header spec. Closes #10.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Merge pull request #7 from balpha/patch-2John MacFarlane1+1-1
Spec: Fixed example in section 5.2.1.John MacFarlane1+5-3
Spec: clarify that code block ends when containing block does.John MacFarlane1+6-5
Merge pull request #5 from balpha/patch-1John MacFarlane1+4-4
Fixed typo.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Updated update-site target.John MacFarlane1+1-4
Updated site for latest spec, narrative, jsJohn MacFarlane2+22-8
Makefile: Build index.html in _site from narrative.mdJohn MacFarlane1+5-1
Added, source for index.html in site.John MacFarlane1+121-0
Merge pull request #2 from s9e/masterJohn MacFarlane1+3-3
Removed obsolete 'upload' Makefile targetJohn MacFarlane1+0-3
Added test cases for URLs and emails without <>.John MacFarlane2+13-1
Documented that two blank lines in fenced code block don't break list.John MacFarlane2+16-4
update-site: Don't copy README.html to index.html.John MacFarlane1+0-1
README: removed reference to this repository.John MacFarlane1+0-3
Added link to repository, since README also visible on the gh-pages.John MacFarlane1+3-0
Merge pull request #1 from Zegnat/patch-1John MacFarlane1+1-1
Added TODOJohn MacFarlane1+4-0
Fixed terminological inconsistency: link reference definition.John MacFarlane1+11-11
Fixed update-site Makefile targetJohn MacFarlane1+1-1
Added update-site target to Makefile.John MacFarlane1+6-0
Makefile: rebuild README.html if template changes.John MacFarlane1+1-1
Color scheme tweak in spec.John MacFarlane1+11-5
Link for re2c in readmeJohn MacFarlane1+4-3
Use template for HTML version of README.John MacFarlane2+5-1
Note on the license.John MacFarlane1+1-2
Typo fixes.John MacFarlane1+2-2
README changes presupposing gh-pages site.John MacFarlane1+8-4
Removed TODO.John MacFarlane1+0-5
Added man page for stmd.John MacFarlane3+75-0
Makefile: Added README.html target.John MacFarlane1+3-0
Fleshed out README.John MacFarlane1+70-17
main.c: Fixed reading of files specified on command line.John MacFarlane1+4-7
Added upload to makefile.John MacFarlane1+4-1
Added more motivating examples.John MacFarlane1+55-10
Added dingus as js/index.html.John MacFarlane1+110-0
Added ansi so we don't need to install anything to run testjs.John MacFarlane3+477-1
Initial commitJohn MacFarlane184+27313-3
Initial commitJohn MacFarlane2+27-0