A collection of TikZ drawings and other images 🖌️

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Minor correction in the K4 drawingPablo1+1-1
Resized some of the drawingsPablo2+2-2
Renamed the drawing of the central projectionPablo2+44-44
Improved the description of the drawing by GrothendieckPablo1+2-1
Added a description to the Grothendieck drawingPablo1+3-2
Added Grothendieck devilish commutative diagram to the repoPablo1+97-0
Cleaned the diamond picturePablo1+1-9
Updated the notation of projective systemsPablo2+4-4
Added licensing information to a .tikz filePablo1+1-0
Added a picture of a stereographic projectionPablo1+44-0
Updated the labels and the description of the picture of quaternion rotationsPablo1+7-5
Removed proprietary imagesPablo2+0-1052
Replaced the picture of the mobius strip with a TikZ alternativaPablo2+46-30
Added a description to the image of the tally markPablo2+12-2
Added a image of the graph of the j-functionPablo1+0-0
Added a description to the j function diagramPablo1+75-0
Added a description to the Calebi-Yau manifold picturePablo1+0-0
Added a description to the periodic table of simple groupsPablo1+11-2
Changed the notation used on the drawings related to the ordinal numbersPablo3+2-2
Added licensing information on the raster graphicsPablo1+0-0
Added licensing information on the EPS filesPablo7+51730-1
Removed the image of the hairy doughnutPablo1+0-0
Updated the link to the TikZ gallery in the READMEPablo1+1-1
Removed unnecessary symlinkPablo1+0-2
Cleaned the unit circle covering picturePablo1+32-6
Fixed a typoPablo1+1-1
Added a link to to the READMEPablo1+3-0
Updated the licensing informationPablo4+681-166
Added a READMEPablo1+4-0
Initial commitPablo50+555716-0